Off-Topic for 12/06/2010 – 02:00

Welcome to the Tue, 12/06/2010 – 02:00 edition of Off Topic! You are looking at the next step in the evolution of VCN, the Off-Topic page. Have you ever been frustrated because you had a burning desire to call someone a sandbagger and could only hope to be timely by posting your comment to a photo gallery page or on a page describing a charity ride?

Well, your prayers have been answered! You can post your comment from the home page and it magically comes to rest here with the other orphans from the land of Misfit Comments. The page gets refreshed every day, but not to worry! Each day’s page will be archived and treasured, so you can look back on past pages with pride, shame or disgust-depending on how the day’s conversation went. So post away! We’ve got an internet to fill up.


Gilles Rubber Hood

if the quotes are any indication, the guy sounds far brighter, wiser and more self-aware than any of the tools who let the results of local races in CP and PP determine their own worth as a human being… let alone their counterparts in the pro ranks sticking needles in their arms. I give him props for making an exit on his own terms.

Ol Chap

he’ll have a bright future, just the fact that he said he’ll still enjoy riding his bike shows he went into the sport for the right reasons but pro “horse” racing scene left much to be desired.

Ethan Gel

would’ve been even funnier if he still got tested…

classic p.r. spin. who gave him that plan, uniballer?

Ethan Gel

Giles just leaned the term “self-aware” after watching Oprah, downing a tube of cookie dough and having a nice cry.

Gilles Rubber Hood

Don’t be hating on Giles – I’m just calling out the negativity and pretentious cynicism for what it is. The term ‘negative racing’ once coined on this very site comes to mind. Apparently, my words struck a nerve. Whatever, it’s the off season, time to go snarf some whipped cream out of the container at 102% of threshold.

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