As the Toto Turns 273


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Who Give Zero Shits


Provenzano Cage

I dunno, besides the Vuelta points jersey he didn’t have a ton of success. Remember, from 96-03 Zabel cleaned up the points jersey. Would have won in ’03 except for a bunch of crashes.

West Coast Reader

Agh come on, no mention of the Lance movie? Toto falling off its scent now? Or did they realize they gave him more attention than themselves?

Luca Brazeon

Pro cycling is a band of baby immature NOT adult racers who never grew into human adult genomes capable of actually being responsible for anything other than their own behinds. No, they are victims of personal lance described vendettas and should actually be hugged so they do not drug or thug.

LIke in WEst Side Story, on account of they were deprived they are now depraved, not jail but a social worker to help them with their addictions to winning, power, money, and babes.

Yes George Hincapie, we feel your pain as well as you sponsor young people and make shorts for them.

Giulio del Friuli

Chris Horner has wisely and quietly slipped away. He is radioactive but has managed to disappear. Crooked but not stupid.

Guillaume Swage

So Zabel stopped doping in 2004?

The peloton stopped doping in 2006, yet Zabel’s results were pretty consistent between 2002 and 2006.

Is there a 10 year statute of limitations in Germany?

Niels Rubber Hood

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Great book, crap movie, and now awesome Toto.

Can’t wait to see your rendition of Chris Froome BTW.

fernando deep dish rim. with schraeder valves.

Since you’ve wormed your way into the cool club, get to selectively embarass some, and get to make friends with others, start paying up. With more totos. Ass. Faces.

Frejus Bejesus

Did the Toto have prior knowledge of Rasmussen’s book, Gul Feber , which was just published??
Et tu Ryder??


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