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Hah! Froome just rode up the Pailheres pass in about the same time as Lance. If you guys were looking for a new punching bag now that LA is out, I guess Sky is hard at work giving you an answer.

Antonio Munoz/ Foundation

A guy called “Joseph montano ” on Facebook was trying to sell my bike thru the group called “buying and selling fixed gear/etc parts NYC” it seems like he or they are located in upper Manhattan so please if you have or spot this guy don’t doubt to contact NYPD or myself, they detective on charge and NYPD officers already have some information I provide to them but still this person or people are around in NYC , I appreciate your help people thanks .
I’m still offering $$$ reward for it.


Porte is from Tasmania and Froome Kenyan or South African, neither are British, but Brailsford is.


Two conclusions: Berto was so on the juice; Froomster is so on the juice. And Porte? Suddenly dropping every major contender? Ah, Britannia, ever so dirty.

Niels Rubber Hood

Don’t worry, as long as they win, they’re British enough. Look at A Murray. Or K Pietersen, whose South-Africanness fluctuates magically in inverse proportion to his form.

Of course, as soon as the dirty laundry comes out, watch out as their Britishness crashes down to minus infinity.

Guillaume Bottle

Thom Wiesel is allegedly dirty, dirty, dirty dope dealer from way, way, WAAAY back. Thom’s the guy who owns USA Cycling and allegedly inflated the USPS/ARmstrong fraud.

It was cool the way he gutted USAC and transferred all the power and money to USACDF. Cycling’s never been better off… Oh wait.

Hamza Chamois Hammy

dear lord, I hope he provided proper compensation to that band for @$#%ing up their set that evening.

Vincent Neck

Redneck rapper!
I’m sure I missed something reading this on the phone, but thanks for making my day!

Lukas Wave Ring

Sky’s infighting, snow altered stages, Lance and JV’s new bromance… time for a new Toto.


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