As the Toto Turns 271




Martin Helmet

How long must we watch Luigi… I mean fabs, make an ass out of everyone? He is a sham and a mockery, a shamockery!

Guido Chainsuck

Hey Peter, next time you dont win, just get third so you can execute a proper assgrab with our dominant right hand. Forza Slovakiaaaaa!!!!!!!

Robbe Stiff

Given that burning* Roma people is still considered to be something of a fun activity by the Slovak President, maybe a little ass grab is quite mild from that culture. *I exaggerate for effect. But not that much.


Putting the graphic head on the photo body is nice – is that a first? Also, hopefully the suits at Cannondale don’t catch wind of their logo prominently displayed on your Sagan rendering. If it said Specialized, Sinyard would’ve already made sure you were served papers with your corn flakes this morning.

Jacopo Neck

They were a little wordy, but talk about insight! Not to mention command of multiple languages.

Lander Bushing

The Cannondale folks made a shit-load of dough off the antics of The Lion King..could they be poised to cash in again with Peter Sagan? How many have already forgotten who won the Ronde and what plastic bicycle he used? Ya can’t make this shit up!!!


That’s right…Fabian was on a Trek…who used 7 doped up Tours to promote their plastic frames….who is worse?


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