As the Toto Turns 270

Spinning our Wheels

Spinning our wheels



My love for you never stops throbbing. Menchov no talk me anymore. I worrily about you Lancey-poo.

they mention on the comments here about the dildoes but me and you we like rubber fists.

Tom Chamois

For 16.940 euro everyone can buy that real Dutch oven handmade by Stefan Matschiner in Austria. If that dude would ever write a correct receipt..

West Coast Reader

A room full of Lawyers being shown how to beat the system by the same boys that hazed them in high school.

Johnny V still dreaming as a kid.

Pats on the back all round.

Power data no real lawyer will understand unless its converted to a $/Hr fee value/plot.

Half the room is probably on adderall anyway so what will they do when they are confronted with representing or convicting one of these cyclist/doper?

They outed USPS to the masses (we all knew all along), yet didn’t pursue any of the riders currently racing and their activities on the current team(s).

Great for USA based riders but this is a European sport…

I just want more to be done now not in 20 years.

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