As the Toto Turns 267




Betsy Andreu

The whole photo should’ve been there with Reed Albergotti bashing a wine bottle over Shen’s head screaming, “YOU’RE NOT A JOURNALIST!!!!”

Monorchid Conconi

Symbolism so thickly laden the in-jokes are literally an iq test in the form of a cartoon. Literally. A cartoon.

Axel O-Ring

ah, use of “choad” and i got to learn what an upper decker was. probably a close approximation to the postal bus banter…. thank you


…wasn’t surrounded by lawyers, he & his “yes-men” would roam the earth trying to crush & bludgeon cycling folks like us ‘cuz we decided to stop riding his bandwagon…

…kinda like he tried to do to a few guys in the peleton, back in the day…

…with castigation n’ love, bgw…

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