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Sky Confessions

Sky Confessions


santiago benites

Poor Bradley Wiggins seems to be exhibiting signs of early onset dementia. Hopefully, it’s not a side effect of any medication that he may be on. Nudge, nudge, say no more.

West Coast Reader

I just hope Kimmage and Lemond actually have something good coming because if not the UCI is going to let things go as they were, dopers by the boat load.

Seppe Egopower

You have all been relegated for performance-enhanced writing! My writing is clearly not enhanced by anything…


the only way to be ok in this sport is to be a cat4ever. If you cat up too quickly, you’re doping, too slowly and you’re sandbagging.

Lander Bushing

Memory melt-down! Can’t remember who they raced against, when they started or stopped doping, who the DS was, who their doctor was or where their blood was stored. Amazing!

Damien Sealant

It’s not very funny at all. I think it’s cool to say you think it’s funny and get “it”, but it’s still not funny.


…”yeah, i told him i’ve been around the block…”…

…”…he told me i should increase my training milage”…

…funniest line on toto site in ages (& there have been a number of good ones)…


Attention sausage lovers, due to power outage-ness and the subsequent need for high levels of parenting, the Sausage Run has been cancelled. I blame Mother Nature.

Sergio Romero

On October 23, 2012, Cycling News published an article regarding a threatening email sent by Lance Armstrong to John Kerry. According to Cycling News, [Selena] Rodgers recounts a story of Kerry reading a furious email from Armstrong, which included the ultimatum: “If cancer isn’t an issue of concern for the Democratic Party, then we will go into the database of Livestrong, which has millions of people, and let them know where the Democratic Party stands.”

Question for all of you, is it possible that President Obama unleashed the dogs on Lance as a preventive measure before the elections? or as revenge? I am not saying that Lance is innocent, but it seems that USADA was way too focused on getting Lance and only Lance.

From Texas, I hope all of you are fine after the storm!

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