As the Toto Turns 20

Bruyneel shows off hottie.

Brunyeel’s controversial signing of Basso starts to backfire, as the other ProTour teams seek to exclude Discovery.

I used to try to change the riders’ expressions to match the plot, but eventually gave up as I’m not a real illustrator. The scrunched up Jens face is a combination of a smiling Jens face and my scrunched up face.


Another Tyler chimera crack. Little did we know a cyclist would really date one of the Olsens later.

Once we got on the ‘Levi is short’ train we couldn’t get off.
Levi signed on Discovery as team leader, but Brunyeel sandbagged him by signing Basso. To be repeated later with Contador.
I believe Astana gained ProTour status right around this time, hence Vino gaining entry in the club.
Another hot item in the ‘news’ at this time was Britney’s frequent panty-less outings.