As the Toto Turns 13

Team bonding camp.

Tinkoff signed Hondo and Hamilton, two riders under suspicion, and Toto.

Tyler’s many stories of Tugboat (his dog) was endearing when we thought he was clean, incredibly annoying once he was busted.

I’m very proud to have come up with ‘hamatocrit’, if only to make Schmalz kick himself for not coming up with it first.

The twin line is, of course, a reference to Tyler’s ‘chimera’ defense.

Birillo is Basso’s dog. He would star in a later Toto.

schmalz coment

Andy like to boast about his ‘hamatocrit’ line, but he could actually take credit for ever single line in Toto and I couldn’t say a thing. My memory is that bad about these things. The Totos are like bowel movements to me – pushed out and quickly forgotten.