• 3rd nature is more than just a bike shop; it's your whole cycling world in one stop: Complete bike fits, tune-ups and overhauls, yoga classes, special events, massage, cold energy drinks, and a full line of cycling accessories including clothing and shoes.

  • "A" Bicycle Shop, on 163 West 22nd Street is Bordered by Bike lanes onNearby 6th and 8th Avenues. "A" Bicycle shop's layout consists of along row of racks on the left of the shop with a separate workshop inthe rear of the store.

  • Welcome to Anthem Cycles - proud sponsor of the Tour of the Battenkill.   Competitive prices on the best cycling equipment in the industry!

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    Gary Sanderson has been collecting and refurbishing antique bicycles from the 19th Century since 1994, and boasts a collection of almost 200 antique bikes. Twelve (12) of these bikes will be on display at 3RDnature for one month beginning on Oct. 25, 2008 and extending through Nov. 21, 2008.

  •  http://nyvelocity.com/sites/all/libraries/fckedito

  • Bordered by bike lanes, Bicycle Habitat was founded more than twenty years ago and remains one of the oldest shops in the city. They are strong partners with Transportation Alternatives and offer discounts for TA members. They also sponsor the NYC Century ride annually.

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    Are certain types of people attracted to certain bike brands?

  • When your spending your summers out in the Hamptons and you need something for your bike whether it be a repair or a custom fit for a new bike or even if your looking for someone to ride with.Come to BikeHampton in Sag Harbor we have got you covered we carry everything you need from all the great br

  •  The road to becoming "BikeSmith" began back in 2008 when the former owners re-open

  • Anyone who spends serious time on a bike has probably spent serious time

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