• It’s another Friday and the voices in my head are compelling me to write about the upcoming events for this weekend, they are also telling me to l

  • Spring bicycle racing has nearly reached its end, but the posting of results marches on, so let us share some moments together where we pore over the results and quietly say to ourselves, “Th

  • OK, here’s the Hopeful Friday usual pattern, I type something amusing and or confusing, and then make fun of how silly bike racers are, then I list the races that are coming up this weekend.

  •  There was a booming bevy of bike racing this weekend, and I now feel obligated to type out what you have already probably looked up on your own already.<

  •  This is it, the acme of the season for the hopelessly obsessive!

  • Ok, let's see what happened.

  • Hey it's the NYVC vestigial limb here mailing in your Hopeful while Schmalz drives through the Midwest sampling sausage and twerking.

  • Thankfully, this past weekend’s discourse has settled the debate about the composition of the New York peloton and the percentage of dooshes contained therein.

  • It’s a busy weekend for anyone that hopes to squeeze themselves into lycra and fulfill their athletic dreams on desolate circuits in front of squirrels, rabbits and robins.

  • We've done another weekend of racing bikes, and select individuals found glory in the streets of the NYC area and beyond, what follows is their story, told in as few characters as possible.

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