Harlem ’11 2/3


Andy Shen

Father’s Day events relegated me to just shooting this race today. I’m sure there’ll be tons of shots here soon of all the fields.

Once again, selling these shots to benefit Damian Alphonso. Contact me if interested.


Vieri Ziptie

Great video!!
Is not easy to make a cycling video and keep it interesting but this one capture great moments
Thanks for sharing!!


geez yall, lighten up, we aren’t frickin ambassadors or role models. maybe he didn’t want his picture up?


To know Phil it to love Phil. That’s simply affectionate British sign language for: “Hey, how’s it going Mate? Fancy a Pint after the race? – you fucking wanker”


Actually, that’s amazing execution: appropriate facial expression, proper arm extension and the tip of the finger aligned perfectly with the tip of the nose. FTW!


Look at that BH rider’s smile and the pained expression of the rider behind. Nothing like morning gas….


Dan is doing it all wrong. Wrong finger…’tard facial expression… half arm extension… That’s cat.5 bullshit right there.


It was dramatic day and another thrilling sprint finish. The winner showed true speed and easily relegated all challengers. Is he new to the Cycling scene? If he continue to show such talent he will surely be contracted.

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