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Greg Lemond fan

So they guy holding the newspaper is the boy in the picture on it? That is so cool! I knew Niko was a great rider — this finally explains it.

West Coast Reader

I’d of gone but had issues getting there on time, 3k miles in a few hours is tough without the Concord these days. Looks like they took out the real glasses instead of the plastic cups, classy.

Ana Reyes

All of us here at I Challenge Myself would like to thank everyone who came out to hear Greg LeMond at City Winery. With your help we raised $6,060 that will be used to support our Cycling Smarts program.

Guests who did not include a mailing or email address when purchasing tickets either online or at the door and who wish to receive a donation acknowledgement letter for tax purposes from ICM, please contact me at

Thanks to Alex, Andy, Dan for organizing this great event!!!

Vespaciano Helmet

Ana, you’re an angel for what you (and your team) do. It was a pleasure to go to this event and help support the cause.

–Anonymous Fan

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