Floyd’s night out. seconda Parte



Thanks to sponsors GrolschBike WorksChomper BodyRaceCrumpler, and Serotta Fit Lab. And thanks of course to Floyd for showing up. Thanks to you all we managed to raise about 900 dollars for the juniors.



Pillsbury Dough Boy

how ’bout a rolling pin race? see how many whacks upside the head it takes before papp cries like the slimy sniveling worm that he is.

Danato Crank

it is kinda strange to have someone like floyd (or papp, in theory) be the centerpiece of a charity races for junior rides. i know it’s fun to starhump and all, but couldn’t we find someone less shady?


Floyd can be telling the truth and still be a tool who took folks money unjustly. I know most of you guys like your bull shit to be binary though.

Titouan Rivnut

photoshop all the roller racers, unpon cumpletion of their rides, giving floyd a facial…aaahhh ahhhh ahhh “GROHLSCH”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Housing

the floyd hate is getting really stale. he’s not shady, he’s telling the truth. would you rather have juniors get lance’s version of the truth or floyd’s? if you’re angry about giving him money years ago, and you don’t have the balls to approach him like a man and ask him to pay you back, then stfu.


thats some of the stupidest bs ive ever heard. when will you guys get it through your thick skulls, he was busted, he didn’t come clean…same with a rod, clemens, etc. No one, no one, has yet to voluntarily step up and say “i did it”…that would deserve a tiny bit of respect. Getting busted and denying until it’s obvious you can’t deny anymore? C’mon…it’s fine, I have no problem with him, they all were doing it, but please don’t act like he deserves something better.


basically, go ahead and rob away. if the person you steal from is too spineless to ask for it back, you’ve done nothing wrong. old ladies be warned!

Alessio Tarmac

“and you don’t have the balls to approach him like a man and ask him to pay you back, then stfu.”

now that’s comedy right there.

not only do you get swindled out of money, but you get told to stfu if you don’t have the balls to ask for it back.

do you work for goldman by chance?

Rim Job

he didn’t steal anything. people willingly gave it to him. if they thought he was innocent, well, a fool and his money are soon parted.

Paolo Rubber Hood

dude on left probably talkin’ about how awesome his cat 4 central park race win was, where strategy, timing, and extensive online coaching came together for that perfect moment. he knew his captive audience would appreciate it. respect those mad skillz, bro.


Papp’s xmas stocking should be stuffed with a Janet Jackson microphone that play directly into a pair of Dr Dre headphones.
That tool loves to listen to himself talk and no one else gives a shit.

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