BEAR-14 P3 0F 3


Marco Quezada

Mothers Day brought a good turnout for the 2014- CRCA BEAR MOUNTAIN CLASSIC. This race, one of the toughest one day races on the East Coast,
brought riders from as far North as Canada down for the day to compete.
Riders in all categories spent the day enjoying the surprising weather and the thrill of the hill (Tiorati Climb) and the views.
Congratulations to all the riders: Great Day and Great Race. 


Ethan Lorica

Do you ever see the Pro riders wear street threads on the podium? NO! It looks ridiculous, like a bunch of guys from a fishing tournament!

Mathis Polished

Nice shots from Marco. We are very lucky to have him. May he never tire of taking pictures of amateur bike racers!

Francesco Cage

Wheel sucker, you need to brush up on your cycling info, before throwing viral temper tantrums. Crca could not place the riders and hence gave the riders DNPs. riders spend there money and expect accurate scoring. Do your part and help bring our sport out the dark ages.


@Francesco: If you want results past top 10, you’ll have to pay an extra $250 to do the Fondo this weekend.

Yanis Seatpost

Funny, if you listen to the comments here, one would think the promoter did this on purpose………….

Seriously…….get a grip. This can happen from time to time. I remember a UCI race where a spectator walking in a roped-off area accidentally cut the cable from the camera to the computer, and the finish sprint was not captured. Did the pros bitch and moan and threaten to call their congressmen? No. Were they disappointed, yes; but they understood the situation and moved on.

For those that think that the race organization was a “disaster”, then you really need to take a look in the mirror. Was the neutral support provided to most fields a disaster? Was the race course itself a disaster? Was registration a disaster? Was the race schedule a disaster? If the answer to most of these questions is no, then calm down over something the promoter had no control over. If you can’t do that, find another hobby….and get some anger management counseling.


I know what DNP means. Do you? It means that you Did Not Place. You finished, so kudos to you, but that is it. You enjoyed a fun race. You didn’t place well enough to get money more points. So get over it. Local cycling’s problem is complaining and over-entitled racers who make life miserable for promoters. You want to move cycling forward? The answer is to STFU.

Kevin Pulley

Hopefully more promoters will stop scoring outside the top 10 so people will stop sprinting from the back of the pack for 25th place weaving around gassed riders or people who know how pointless it is.

queer eye

threads. even most ny’ers have bad style. shamefully, their kit is what they look best in. step up to the podium in your kit so no one will laugh at your style when you show them monday morning pictures in the office.

Francesco Cage

Wheelsucker, you know what the DNP acronym means, but you dont understand it. I have finished 3rd in a race and recieved a DNP due to faulty equipment and poor scoring – and me not hanging around to protest.
DNP does not ALWAYS mean you finished outside “the money”. All I am saying is let a guy live, a guy came outside “the money” and got a DNP, so what!! let he/she live without all this “drop out” bull.
A racer spends his money he/she has expectations, one of those is to be placed, period.
“Local cycling’s problem is” people who think they know the answer to local cycling’s problem.

CRCA is new Van Dunk

let me tell you something Yanis, if incomplete scoring used to happen from time to time as you state, I would let it go. This time to time sh*t is now commonplace. I have a problem with that.

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