BEAR-14 P1 0F 3


Marco Quezada

Mothers Day brought a good turnout for the 2014- CRCA BEAR MOUNTAIN CLASSIC. This race, one of the toughest one day races on the East Coast,
brought riders from as far North as Canada down for the day to compete.
Riders in all categories spent the day enjoying the surprising weather and the thrill of the hill (Tiorati Climb) and the views.
Congratulations to all the riders: Great Day and Great Race.




Good to see a local guy win especially a nice guy like Erin. What an ugly kit though. What happened Axis?


Axis Kit = been the same for 10 years. Designers are sexy. New patterns/prints are sexy. New layout is sexy. But what is super cool is having something go for 10 years without changing.

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