Kissena Velodrome Opening Weekend


Kissena Velodrome

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Men 123

Men 4

Men 5




Pee-Wee Races Saturday and Sunday!  Saturday after the Team Sprints, Sunday after the Match Sprints.


2-day omnium-style track meet. Track bikes only. USCF rules apply. Open to all riders with USA Cycling track license; one-day licenses can be purchased online for $10 for each day. Annual licenses are also available online for $60. Both must be paid for online; cannot purchase on day of event.  It is highly suggested that non-licensed riders buy their annual license at and bring an Authorization to Ride with them if they haven’t received the license in the mail. Categories will be combined or split at promoter’s discretion based on attendance. Promoter reserves the right to reduce prize list or cancel races that do not meet the minimum field limit listed on the flyer.

PLEASE NOTE!! – Due to newly enforced New York City Department of Parks & Recreation regulations, we cannot accept any race day registrations. This event is PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY!!!

No extra charge for multiple categories. If you wish to sign up for multiple category, just do one category online and then tell me at registration if you want to ride a second race. Rider sign-in opens 1½ hours before racing begins and closes 15 minutes before racing begins. Pre-registration is REQUIRED and can be done on until Friday, April 24th. Pre-registrations by mail will be accepted if received by Thursday, April 23th. Please include standard entry form and check payable to Alan Atwood and send to Alan Atwood, 62 Timber Ridge Dr, Holbrook, NY 11741. Riders under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian present to sign race waiver. It is highly suggested that junior riders fill out a waiver in advance and have their parent/legal guardian sign in before they come to the track.

For more information, contact Alan Atwood by e-mail at

Racing promoted by the Kissena Cycling Club and Brooklyn Velo Force.


Saturday, April 26th, 1pm
Flight 1
Race #    Category    Race
1    Women    500m Individual Time Trials
2    Junior 10-16    500m Individual Time Trials
3    Men 1/2/3    1000m Individual Time Trials
4    Men 4    1000m Individual Time Trials
5    Masters    1000m Individual Time Trials
6    Men 5    1000m Individual Time Trials
Flight 2
Race #    Category    Race
7    Men 1/2/3    Team Sprint
8    Women     Team Sprint
9    Men 4    Team Sprint
10    Masters    Team Sprint
11    Men 5    Team Sprint
12a    Junior 10-16    Charriott



Flight 3
Race #    Category    Race
13    Men 1/2/3    15 lap Points Race (4 sprints)
14    Women    Win & Out
15    Men 4    12 lap Points Race (3 sprints)
16    Masters    Miss & Out
17    Men 5    9 lap Points Race (3 sprints)
18    Junior 10-16    6 lap Points Race (2 sprints)

Sunday, April 27th, 12noon

Flight 4
Race #    Category    Race
19    Men 1/2/3    10 lap Scratch
20    Women    6 lap Scratch
21    Men 4    7 lap Scratch
22    Masters    7 lap Scratch
23    Men 5    6 lap Scratch
24    Junior 10-16    6 lap Scratch
Flight 5
Race #    Category    Race
25    Men 1/2/3    Match Sprints
26    Women    Match Sprints
27    Men 4    Match Sprints
28    Masters    Match Sprints
29    Men 5    Match Sprints
30    Junior 10-16    Match Sprints



Flight 6
Race #    Category    Race
31    Men 1/2/3    40 lap Madison (4 sprints)
32    Women    16 lap Points Race (4 sprints)
33    Men 4    Miss & Out
34    Masters    16 lap Points Race (4 sprints)
35    Men 5    Win & Out




Nothing like trying to find out if possibly anyone else is doing that. Or has done that in the recent past, and present, working with community boards, city government, olympic nyc. 2012, Parks dept. and thousands of corporations for at least 20 years. But Have At It….


Many of us NY track cyclist have been waiting for something like this for decades… the thing is, it’s going to be out of control!


Matt is seriously connected. If anyone can find the money to build a velodrome in the most expensive city in the world Matt can.
The funny thing is it’s a not for profit, kinda like Cadence. I can’t believe that place makes any money, look at the overheads. Lucky for all of us Jay has more money than God.


kissena was hopping this weekend. really great time out there with a huge turnout on saturday, and slightly fewer on sunday (heat, long day, spring series?). it was really fun. unfortunately the heat and exhaustion coupled with big fields full of slightly rusty track riders made for a few unfortunate crashes towards the end in the women’s and lower men’s fields. thanks again to alan, who (as usual) put on a great program.


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