Interbike ’10


Andy Shen

Lest you think we have our heads in the sand, we had this post ready to go yesterday, before all hell broke loose. Discussions of AC are taking place on the Toto page…

We collectively decided to spend our Interbike trip goofing off, so there’s hardly any photos from the show, nor any useful insight. But we do have snarky Schmalz comments…



I love this idea. I’m not sure I would trust my bike to a bunch of suction cups, but having your bike on the back instead of on the roof makes a lot of sense. Not to mention that when you remove the bike, you have easy access to the bike. Storing the rack also becomes infinitely easier.

the outlaw giuseppe wetsuit

So, did they fail to put the sticker on right, or is that wheel really just for PR and not a prototype? I demand answers!


Yeah this is funny now. Those guys were so quick to distance themselves from their “buddy”. Sure, they had know idea he was doping.


Interbike, as cool as it is all about business, like any tradeshow. Security is tight and unless you’re from a shop manufacturers don’t want to talk to you. Many innovations are kept hidden unless you have an appointment to see them. There are some vendors that regular fans can see outside of the exhibit floor, but for the most part fans are limited. Find a shop that will get you a pass and then go.

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