Every time Andy hits the deck, after the crying has stopped, his excitement for the healing begins. He’s obsessed with this bandage stuff he uses, emailing updates about his various states of scabbiness (or lack thereof), the amount of pusiness (if that is, indeed, a word), and the general awesomeness the process of his skin growing back. It’s pathetic, really. We had to eventually post a review about this stuff, so we don’t have to hear about it ever again. I doubt it will sate his thirst for pus discussion, but we have to take a shot.


Fixomull is very similar to Tegaderm, but cheaper and easier to use. The thin film is backed with paper on the adhesive side, and a heavier plastic on the opposite side. The two backings are joined by a red strip which runs down one side of the roll. Crack the paper backing and remove the free half of the paper backing. Position the patch on the wound, and peel away the other half of the backing to the red strip. Now you can work the patch down while the heavier plastic backing keeps the film from folding in on itself. When everything’s in place, use the paper backing to pull away the plastic backing and you’re done, without ever touching and greasing up the adhesive. Much easier than those Tegaderm paper frames. Like Tegaderm, Fixomull is thin and elastic enough to adhere to compound curves, a must since road rash has a nasty habit of occurring on knees and elbows.

You’ll have to change the dressing daily during the oozy first few days, as the pus will dislodge the film. A daily washing with soap and a fresh patch will keep things healing nicely. Once the oozing stops the patch will stay in place until healing is complete. You’ll be able to shower and bathe relatively pain free.

Fixomull is available in a 6″ by 11 yard roll here for $30.95. By comparison, a 6″ x 8″ sheet of Tegaderm can be found for $3.90 (list $9.55), which makes it about 6 times as expensive as Fixomull. Get a roll now, ’cause the last thing you want to do when you’re limping around after a crash is tour the city’s Duane Reades explaining ‘dressing’ to a series of blank faced employees.

A complete guide to treating road rash, and an explanation of why moist scab-free healing is better, is available here.




should we put the Fixomull on with the joint already bent 90deg (or more?) so that it is pre-flexed? Would this make it too loose and baggy with the joint straight?


duoderm is still the best during the initial stages of road rash (but most expensive). i’ll definitely try fixomull, though. thanks.


i never heard of fixomull, i’ll have to check this out. in the past i used the little sheets of tegaderm (3×4″), and overlapped them to cover the whole area. the small sheets are a lot cheaper than the big ones. you can buy them in boxes of 20 at a pharmacy.

a tip: get a bottle of tincture of benzoin (, dab it around the road rash with a q-tip, and let it dry before you put any of these bandages on. that helps them to adhere to your skin better.


“What happened to those peleton east guys?”

Sounds like you’re fishing here. For what, I’m not sure.


By the book anal attentive peripatetic pedants, a group of garrulous grandmothers… busybody baby boomers, militantly maintaining manifold modica of intelligible interlocution.


Ok, then, how ’bout this. If you have little ones, (kids that is), this stuff is great. If they get a scrape, you can put this on and forget it. They can shower and not scream their heads off.


Electrical Tape has always worked and is also water proof. They even make it in different colors these days to match your kit/bike.

Don’t forget to cover the rash from the sun or it will turn brown for a few years.


Is is just me, or has anyone else noted that tincture of benzoin + tegaderm + stewing flesh is especially redolent?


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