As the Toto Turns 267

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 1:51pm by Andy Shen


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By: Amyrfgb10
Fri, 03/14/2014 - 12:11pm

After a long time I am seeing this toto. Due to some unavoidable reasons, I could not visit my favorite blogs and this is one among them. I am glad that I am back. I loved the toto 267. Thanks a lot for all the posts so far. Please keep sharing. view site

Ham Sandwich
By: L.A. Oop
Wed, 01/23/2013 - 9:18pm

Tugboat died for our sins.

...if lance armstrong...
By: bikesoverthemoon
Sat, 12/29/2012 - 1:41pm

...wasn't surrounded by lawyers, he & his "yes-men" would roam the earth trying to crush & bludgeon cycling folks like us 'cuz we decided to stop riding his bandwagon...

...kinda like he tried to do to a few guys in the peleton, back in the day...

...with castigation n' love, bgw...

Upper Decker
By: Mohamed Topcap
Thu, 12/27/2012 - 7:10pm


there's pro-lance comics?
By: Noah Wave Ring
Thu, 12/27/2012 - 3:24am

there's pro-lance comics?

By: Jay Soosma
Wed, 12/26/2012 - 5:01pm

A dream! For a moment I thought I was reading a Pro-Lance comic

ah, use of "choad" and i got
By: Axel O-Ring
Fri, 12/21/2012 - 12:05am

ah, use of "choad" and i got to learn what an upper decker was. probably a close approximation to the postal bus banter.... thank you

Sally Jenkins, TwatWaffle
By: Rinieri O-Ring
Thu, 12/20/2012 - 4:59pm

Brilliant skewering of this shameless journalist. It's Not About the Dope.

nice 30 rock reference
By: Rinaldo Tubie
Thu, 12/20/2012 - 3:18am

I'd never even heard of an upper decker until my brother 'made me' watch McGruber. ;)

i haven't heard the term
By: Goro Saddlebag
Wed, 12/19/2012 - 1:52pm

i haven't heard the term choad since high school.

well played sirs. well played.

"I got a job with
By: lee3
Wed, 12/19/2012 - 10:45am


hahaha _ too soon.

Wiggins and Froome should have stuck up for Julich - brit pu$$ies!

Oh my
By: Marco Locknut
Sun, 12/16/2012 - 2:16am

fucking fantastic.

The horse is dead...
By: Seppe Egopower
Sun, 12/16/2012 - 1:48am

...but hit it some more, 'cause it's so funny!!

toto is back, in force! best
By: Tom Seattube
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 9:38pm

toto is back, in force!

best one in months. years maybe.


Upper Decker!
By: Schmirnov
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 9:37pm


crazed fat bitch to you
By: Betsy Andreu
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 9:17pm

The whole photo should've been there with Reed Albergotti bashing a wine bottle over Shen's head screaming, "YOU'RE NOT A JOURNALIST!!!!"

By: Remi Fork
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 5:28pm

You can tell that hipster shitshow "MQ" gets it!

Career options
By: Reid Rothschild
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 5:14pm

Dear Sirs,

People laughed when Dirk said Lance would be doing gay porn.



By: C Jung
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 3:53pm


Tertiary Foster Wallace
By: Monorchid Conconi
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 3:12pm

Symbolism so thickly laden the in-jokes are literally an iq test in the form of a cartoon. Literally. A cartoon.

By: MQ
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 3:05pm

I luvz my toto

Best yet.
By: Asshat Kornhole
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 2:29pm

Best yet.

lance my love
By: Python
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 2:04pm

I love Lance in my pants. These Choad's should get up off my hero. Python like lance and hate Man-chov.

it makes the lulz
By: Seppe Chainsuck
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 1:57pm

bon bons!

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