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As the sound of the derby trumpet warms up the crowd, USA rider Georgia Gould warms up for her race.
Dutch supporters show their support for favorite, Marianne Vos.
The snow deferred to the ladies, so they could hit the pavement clean.
Marianne Voss (Netherlands) gets ready, gets to the front and never looks back.
Katie Compton (USA) started in the back but managed to work her way up through the race. Compton is the only US rider to ev
Italy's Eva Lechner finds herself anchored to a Dutch rider despite her best pursuit attempt.
The very fierce Jasmin Acherman (Switzerland) maneuvers a tricky corner and manages to stay upright as well as earn a top place.
Going for the best line, Lucie Chainel-Lefevre (France) and Katerina Nash (Czech Republic) get into a bit of unlady like behavio
World Cup Champion, Katie Compton (USA) in hot pursuit of Marianne Voss (Netherlands).
okie of the year, Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) has a great future along with the rest of the USA team.
Marianne Voss (Netherlands) starts to open up the gap as she gets on the dirt.
Georgia Gould (USA) gives it her all despite the conditions.
US riders hit the barriers with the full support of the fans.
Even on a muddy course, despite horrid conditions the French style of Lucie Chainel-Lefevre is just "tre magnefique!" No?
. So far out on her own, in a class by herself- Marianne Voss (Netherlands) takes the last lap toward another rainbow jersey.
Katie Compton (USA) acknowledged by the fans, rounds the corner to her silver medal.
World Champion and current Olympic gold medalist, Marianne Voss (Netherlands) adds another title to her list.
Congratulations to the winners: 2nd place, Katherine Compton (USA), 1st place, Marianne Voss (Netherlands), 3rd place, Lucie Cha
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