Bobby Lea Coming to the Roller Races

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 11:49am by schmalz

 Two-Time U.S. Olympic Cyclist Heading to New York City for Charity Roller Races

American Bobby Lea, is making the most of his post-Olympic off-season, and will once again travel to New York City to take part in the annual NY Velocity roller races benefiting CRCA.

New York City, New York — As the leaves turn and the temperature drops, most elite professional cyclists are enjoying time with family and friends, during a well-deserved off-season. In the midst of the holiday tunnel between Thanksgiving and New Years, a group of former and current professional riders will gather in the Lower East Side for an evening of roller races designed to celebrate the season’s end and enjoy some camaraderie among competitors, all while raising funds for the CRCA Junior Development Program. Fresh off his second, consecutive Olympic games, Lehigh Valley pro cyclist Bobby Lea is heading back to New York to defend his 2011 roller title in this festive fundraiser, hosted by NY Velocity and Anthem Sports.

Creating Opportunity

 On Thursday, November 29th, professional cyclists and age groupers alike will gather at The Parkside Lounge for another edition of the NY Velocity Roller Races. With a tournament style format, riders are pitted against each other in a two-up format where they race on roller trainers over a set distance, just as if they were lining up on a street course or the banked walls of a velodrome. Round after round, the first to cross the “line” is the winner and they will progress, until a champion is ultimately crowned. The funds generated by this light-hearted event are used to benefit the Century Road Club Association (CRCA) Junior Development Program. The CRCA is considered the premier bicycle racing team for riders under the age of 19 in the New York City metropolitan region.

 The format, the energy, and the event itself are all designed to create an integrated and enjoyable atmosphere is what is already a festive time of year. “In the off season, we try to make a fun and unusual cycling event,” said Dan Schmalz of NY Velocity. “The roller races serve as a great reason for the cycling community to get together for a great cause, while screaming at the top of their lungs at some terrific racers.”

For Lea, the annual roller races are not just a chance to have an off-season pint with some friends from the pro peloton, it’s also an opportunity to raise funding and awareness for the next generation of American cyclists. “The roller races are really a fun event each November,” said Lea. “It’s a great reason for all of us to get together for a light-hearted, but well-purposed cause: the future generation of professional American riders. I’ve been involved in cycling since I was three or four and thankfully it’s something that my family embraced and supported, which allowed me to pursue my love of the sport. Not every young kid has that support, so I see these races as a means of helping a talented, young rider out there to get the same kind of opportunity that I did, to seize his potential and follow his dreams,” added Lea. “I have worked my tail off, but without the support and opportunity I received along the way, it would have meant nothing.”

 This year’s excitement will begin at 7pm at the Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston Street) on the Lower East Side. To learn more about the NY Velocity roller races and to sign up, please click here and for more information on the CRCA, please click here

 About Bobby Lea

 Bobby Lea is a professional cyclist and two-time U.S. Olympian. As an avid racer for nearly 25 years, Lea lives and trains in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. He has competed at the highest level of U.S. professional road cycling and in 2008, his prowess on the track culminated in his first Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Four years later, Lea competed in his second consecutive Olympics, riding the omnium at the 2012 London Games. The son of Robert and Tracy Lea, Bobby’s cycling pedigree is unmistakable and his impact on U.S. track cycling is undeniable. Bobby’s brother, Syd, won the 25k Road Race World Championships at the World Special Olympics, in Greece last summer. For more information on Bobby Lea and to follow his journey, please visit: www.bobbylearacing.com or you can also find him on Twitter:@B_Lea1

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By: MQ
Mon, 11/19/2012 - 1:18pm

WIll ther be free beer for photags???? yes you said? k ill be there

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