•  The Spring Series, as we know it, is dead.

  •  It’s been twenty-two days since I have stepped pedal outside on a bike.

  • We’ve come to the point in the year where winter madness begins to set in. Due to cold, snow and being a puss, I haven’t set a tire outdoors for the entire month of February.

  •  Although we in the NYC area didn’t get enough snow to warrant sending out every reporter with microphone into empty parking lots to show that there was snow falling from the sky, the ac

  •  I am in the midst of a good plod.

  • The life of a Pretend Bike Race (PBR™ – see what I did there?) is an irrational one.

  • It’s a scientific fact that God picks the weather.

  • As an update on my pursuit of riding 10,000 (which I will now brand as dan-thousand™, because I know a marketing opportunity when I see one) miles in the 2014 calendar year; I will tell you t

  • To help demonstrate how old I am, let me tell you a story about the old days. When I was an undergraduate at the Kansas City Art Institute (go Fightin’ Surrealists!

  • I am proud to announce that I was able to remain on track for my arbitrary goal of 10,000 miles over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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