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CRCA/Pacifico-Hincapie Sportswear

January 7, 2009 — The team formerly known as CRCA/Merrill Lynch Cycling is pleased to announce that it has inked a deal with the tasty Mexican beer Pacifico for the 2009 season.   Team uniforms will be supplied by Hincapie Sportswear.  The 2009 CRCA/Pacifico-Hincapie Sportswear roster will include top riders in New York City and surrounding areas, as well as some other guys, including at least two who couldn’t find other teams.

Team Director of Teams, Andy Shen, has divided the 2009 team into two squads.  The first, the Varsity Elite Global Squad, will consist of the following riders: Charles Berckmann, Marcus Dahloff, Chuleta Falk, Greg Galletta, Jaime Garcia, Ben Hughes, Chris Mecray, Tim Nilson, Richard Reyle, Jacob Rubin, Pascal Sauvayre, Dan Schmalz, Andy Shen, Greg Weinberg and Dmitri Wilkins. 

And should anyone care, the Junior Varsity Developmental Non-Global Practice Squad will be comprised of: Kevin Brubaker, Jeff King, Justin Lubeley and Matt Richards.  Riders will be upgraded or downgraded as the season progresses as dictated by the Team Director of JV Upgrades. 

Asked about his goals for this the 2009 team, Andy Shen stated “I got the kit order in, please don’t bother me for another 11 months.”  JV Non-Global rider Justin Lubeley added “our system of racing is going to focus on riding bikes efficiently and effectively in races and optimizing performance in targeted and other events.” Stated Dan Schmalz, “this year, it’s not going to be just about pedaling fast.  When the team shows up for a race we will arrive with flair and edge.”  A JV rider, who asked to remain anonymous, was heard saying “Why am I on the JV Non-Global team? This is total bull$%&#!”

As to the new sponsor and roster additions for the upcoming season, according to the Team Director of Rider Recruitment “starting fresh with a beer sponsor just made good sense. Plus, you will be surprised how easy it is to recruit fearless and strong riders when you are handing out six packs of Pacifico, a tasty Mexican beer.”

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I love beer…
Yeah BOI!!!!!
now thers a team I would mine been a water boy
oh yeah what happen to The Banditos


We had a long discussion, and agreed that we will in fact go commando and uniformly “hang to the right” on our seats this year.
Chris M


the skin flute…oh no I dindt, yes I didt! worse than the grey breakaway shorts in the rain at FBF! Why Charlie why!?!??!!!!


will be the beverage of choice at FBF. Will they be sponsoring by the keg or case?

JV dude with the creative vocabulary has got to be Brubaker. Don’t sweat it Kevin …… Dan and Andy would have been second string on Affinity. Just pay your dues!

Yes I know my grammar and spelling sucks…..if it’s right, it was by luck or accident.


Times are hard it was cheaper to change the uniform than to change the paint on all the Scotts that were probably already made.


I’ve never understood the uniforms with the drawn on “man muscles” – these are cyclists we are talking about…


Will Pacifico have a drawn on beer belly or will the team expect each memeber to develop that on their own?


I emailed with Andy a bit last year – moving from Auburn, AL to NYC this month….would like to get back in touch about joining the team….living in Haiti for last half year so I’m a bit out of the loop….love the new sponsor



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