Nyack or Rocket Ride

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It leaves Runcible at 8 every Sunday. It heads through Nyack, Grandview and Piermont along the river and out to 340/501 to Englewood. It crosses over to 505 through Tenafly, Demarest, Norwood, Harrington Park, Rivervale, Pearl River, Nanuet, New City to South Mountain Road across to 9w and over Hook to Nyack. It’s 50ish miles. In the winter it’s a 40 miler that starts at 9 and heads back to Nyack once the ride gets to Pearl River. The ride was organized about 30 years ago by Jim at Nyack Bike. It’s a heavy training ride. I would say the average speed depending on who is setting the pace (and for the most part it’s the Westwood boys) is low to mid 20’s.



Sketchy but fun ride- but not that different than Gimbels… But probably not a good example for bike advocacy.

Maxime Ceramic

Do you win the respect and admiration of excitable gentlemen? Are there bikini-clad hostesses to greet you at Runcible Spoon as you roll in, fatigued but satisfied with a sprint well timed?

Do tell!

Lilian Brakepad

This video is disturbing. The total disregard for traffic rules makes all cyclists look bad. Do these guys know its not a race and that the winner “The Fatboy 500” gets nothing at the end?

Lucas Axle

I did this ride once. Once was enough. Dangerous group. Disrespectful to car traffic. I just watched the last minute of that video. Guys swarming and passing cars on the left, blowing through red lights at speed. It’s riding like this that infuriates drivers and makes it dangerous for the rest of us.


I just moved down to NYC and the Nyack Rocket Ride is now within easy range. I know the ride technically starts up in Nyack and that some guys meet up in Piermont, but what do NYC riders do as far as meeting up with the group? Meet at the GW then head up? Do people leave the city at like 7 in order to meet them at 8, or do riders tend to meet up with the ride as it’s headed south and join en route?Also, what should I expect as far as intensity? I do Gimbels and the Tuesday night White Plains ride all the time and don’t have a problem, so if it’s similar, I’m good to go.

Antoine Wave Ring

The ride leaves the Nyack bike shop (near the Runcible)at around 8-8:15 heading south on piermont Rd/501 thru north Bergen Co. you can head north on 501 and join the ride anywhere along those towns. i usually leave from the GWB at 8:00 head north on 9W,turn left on Closter Dock then right at the bottom of the hill (Piermont rd)and continue heading north until i see them coming,usually around Rockley. as for intensity i would say it’s definitely more than the short gimbels, long Gimbels is probably a little hillier but Rocket i think is faster, of course that changes from week to week depending on who shows up. Also, you’ll probably be home earlier and you won’t have to ride thru the boogey down Bronx. Doesn’t get more elementary than that Watson, hope that helps.

Hugo Tarmac

Anyone have a map of the winter version of the Rocket Ride? Or at least the route so that I may route it myself? Thanks in advance


I was riding from NYC to Orchards today (Sun) and as I approached Orchards a group of 30 or so went by in the opposite direction. Would anytime tell me what ride that is? Does the Rocket Ride go there?

Aurelien Neck

mr. Kyllian Stiff, is possible to get a link, or the brand of the type of camera u use to record the Nyack rides please?? thanks…i appreciate

Antonin Bearing

What time do you think the ride passes the intersection of Closter and Piermont? And what time do you think the ride usually finishes? Thanks!

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