Da Gimbels

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30 to 60 miles depending on the route


This Legendary Ride is said to have originated in the 1940’s. The ride take it’s name from the defunct Gimbels Department Store, now Stern’s, at the Cross County Shopping Center where it departs at 9:15 sharp. With its reputations for attracting some of the best riders on the east coast many first timers are more nervous about the prospect of getting deposited in the foreign soil of Westchester, a particularly unnerving scenario for hardcore NYC residents….


It is especially fast in the spring when local strong men and the occasional pro are known to terrorize the peleton. At about 9:40 the ride passes route 119 on to route 22 to the Kensico Dam where the pace picks up. At this point riders have a choice between the short option, which continues North On Rt 22 to Rt 433, or the long.


The long ride bears left onto Rt 120. This hilly section intersects Rt 117, where the riders turn right in Chappaqua (at the bottom of the steep hill). Another few miles of undulating roads the riders turn right onto Route 128. After negotiating a single hill the course proceeds left on Rt-22 (via the town of Armonk). Make a right onto Rt 433 (Riversville Rd) and the next right onto Bedford Road. This circuitous section takes the riders up a short steep hill (Picket Fence Hill) and right onto Locust road. Riders follow the road around a very sharp left turn only to make next right/left combo onto Rt-120 (Concrete Road ‘white’ adjacent to West.Cnty Airport). Flat road continues until left turn on Purchase Street. Up a gradient (referred to as ‘the suppressor’). This mainly ‘fast’ section proceeds approx. 4.0 miles to the ‘midway sprint’ of the ride (green sign just prior to sharp right over I-287 Overpass). Make left and head down hill (adjacent to highway). Bear right at bottom of hill onto Purchase Street (Up a hill). Continue through intersection onto flat area (known as the ‘Tibetan plateau’). Road descends while making sweeping left and sweeping right. Sweeping right flows riders naturally onto Wappanocca Ave (concrete road). At intersection make left on Cedar St and right back onto Purchase Street (under I-95 overpass). Make immediate right onto Theodore Friend Ave (undulating) and left onto Hammond Rd (short distance). Bear left onto North Street and up the last hill of the ride (referred to as the ‘Poggio’). Road merges onto Boston Post Rd (Rt 1). Take approx. 3mi to finish (bottom of gradual hill, green sign just prior to Harrison Ave. mark the line). Both the long and short versions of the ride end on Boston Post Rd. in Mamaroneck.

Some say the only thing as difficult as riding the Gimbels is getting there. Riding, driving, and public transit directions to the Gimbels Ride thanks to Kissena team member James Leiken:

Easy way: ride to Grand Central, take Metro North (8:23am train recommended) to Hartsdale Station, take Hartsdale Ave. (right turn out of depot) to Central Ave., turn left (south), and ride slow until you see the group coming the other way.

Less Easy way: Follow directions to GWB and continue straight under bridge. Right turn on 181st, left on Broadway. Follow Broadway into the Bronx (suggest using sidewalk over Broadway Bridge–steel grid deck), and turn right on 238th St., cross over Deegan Expwy. Bear straight uphill (Orloff Ave.?), bear left across Van Cortlandt Ave., next right onto Van Cortlandt Park So./Gun Hill Rd. Turn left on Jerome Ave., under elevated subway. Turn right on E. 233rd St., next left on Van Cortlandt Park East. Becomes Kimball Ave. Continue to Cross County Shopping Center (entrance is on your left, just before the Cross County Parkway. Ride starts near Stern’s dept. store, about 9:15am, Saturdays and Sundays. Approximately 25mi from Brooklyn Bridge.

You can shorten the ride by taking the 4 train to the end (Woodlawn), and pick up the route on Jerome Ave. You can also try taking the 2 train to the end (Wakefield/241st), and ride west on 241st/Wakefield Ave. to Kimball Ave., although I’ve never done this. I suggest bringing along Hagstrom’s Lower Westchester County map.


The original ‘G’–Local legend Bill Montgomery. Some swear he was on the first Gimbels ride ever, and in those days you had to contend with the hills and the Indians…


Before you depart sample some of the local cuisine, you will need it.


Like we said be careful, guys are out for blood on this thing.



ride did start after ww2 and true i was yet to be born but i did not make comment above it use to start at fordham road & grand concourse always a good place to see what you got! than to smell the flowers and enjoy the bike


best route gimbels is madison ave to brigde 135 st over to grand concourse north till it ends then jerome ave under el to 687 service road north till u c crosscounty shopping center

Jack MacDonald


The ride looks interesting, but do the young bucks have to get so agressive that they wreck the image of the ride, and force the authorities to shut it down alltogether because of a few jackass’es ? Lets use some common sense if we value the other members of the group.Remember that NY drivers of all drivers in the world do not want to put up with punk ass cyclists asking to be steamrolled by a motorvehicle!

bill montgomery

north on madison till it ends cross bride onto 138st da bronx 3rd left is grand concourse north till it ends leftup hill to jerome ave north till it ends at service road to 287north straitup cross county shopping center riding time 1hr 5min from 31st mad 16-17mph pace

Ilias Cogset

the ride is on sat sun and holidays (xmas, thanksgiving etc) and it goes no matter the weather. gimbels is the snow fuckin owns

Andrea Seattube

A group ride for old out of a shape morons from NYC and Westchester. Good ride if you like dangerous rodes, riders and cars up your ass while some Cat 5 on a Carbon C50 attacks into through a red light ino traffic.

Lukas Bartape

Beware of the segment of riders who exhibit unbridled disdain for local rides. They (those ride elitists) will try to pull you into their vortex of lonely solo rides and spiritless small group rides where the speed police are on watch (hey dude, slow it down). Boring.
Enjoy all facets that cycling has to offer, local rides are fun and challenging. It’s like being a kid playing a game of pick-up at the park.

Andrea Seattube

Equivalent to a Cat4/5 Prospect Park Race on narrow westchester roads with cars up your ass. Good times!

Aaron Topcap

the ride is actually a trainning ride not a race. Unfortunately assholes from the city who dont race on the weekends because their boyfriends wont let them end up turning it into a clusterfuck. Stay in Central Park.


This is a legendary race guys. I have heard about this so much. I have never actually had a chance to ride my bike there. But I would like to go for a ride there someday. And I hope that the day will come soon. read more here

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