Plaid Men Roller Races Tonight!!

More information added


Breaking News, December 4 – scheduled to appear: Timmy Duggan, Tyler Farrar, David Millar, and bon vivant Jonathan Vaughters.

More information forthcoming. If you are planning on racing, please email us.


Enzo Liner

How long did JV have to pose for that image? Did he pontificate on how to tie a proper windsor knot during the session?


Latest info, Mr. Argyle (JV) himself has been suckered into at least a grudge match against some certain NYVC editors…

Loic Sealant

Do you think JV got picked on alot when he was a kid? Maybe tossed in the trash bin a few times in junior high? Discuss.

Noah Compliant

All of a sudden I had to remember some words that Marlowe had told me over fifteen years ago: Dead men don’t wear plaid. Hm. Dead men don’t wear plaid. I still don’t know what it means.

Lorenzo Rivnut

the satisfaction of knowing you are helping young folks get into the sport. Let’s be serious, does your beer belly need to get bigger? 🙂

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