Hopeful Friday September 28, 2012

All your race are belong to us…

Bit behind schedule today, i apologize to you, our paying customers…

Sat, there is literally NO racing taking place locally that I can find.

Sun, the Tour de Fort Lee is happening. This is a crit and is in no way, shape or form to be confused with the normal Tour of Fort Lee that takes place every weekend on the other side of the bridge, where people of all shapes and sizes converge on the tiny town on their way out to less urban pastures. Also, there is the standard Tour of FBF. If anyone needs me, i will be at the Tour of My GF’s Italian Grandmother’s Favorite Restaurant in NJ.

Ride safe and have a ball…


Basement Dweller

on Wed. Oct. 10th at 6:15 pm. The NYC Department of Transportation will be making a presentation on a proposed Central Park Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project. Because we are anticipating a healthy turnout for this presentation, we will be holding the meeting at the North Meadow Recreation facility in the multi-purpose room. The North Meadow Recreation facility is located mid-Park north of the 96th St. transverse. As we get closer to the meeting date,

Lenny Biopace

DOT in CP – After seeing what they did with the 72nd st transverse, I dread to see DOT and CPC plans for the main roadway. On a more hopeful note how are things working with the changes in Prospect Park?

Arnaud Wet Lube

It’s great the DOT is attempting to make a change, but what good will some lines on the floor do if people do not respect it and the rules not enforced?

Wylie Brazeon

As far as cars/bikes go, the new arrangement (all bikes get one lane, all cars get one lane) is an improvement. Pedestrians, not so much. They still have their heads up their asses most of the time.


I love FBF. It’s the only place where guys like Josh & I can get wins… oh yeah, CRCA club races too, but those don’t even count.

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