Hopeful Friday September 21, 2012

seriously, it’s september guys…

Annnnnnnnnnnd, I’m back. Thanks Dan for covering, I brought you back some poutine that’s been sitting in my car for like a week, should still be good. I’ve heard that people are still racing bikes, though god only knows why, so here is what’s happening…

On Sat, if you are a card carrying member of the CRCA, there is the Club Team Finale, aka the Central Park Nationals (™ HSH). All teams, be sure to coordinate with your members (hehe) to make sure you don’t exceed the maximum amount of team members per field, which I believe is like 2 or 3 now (i keed, i keed). If you don’t get picked for a coveted spot by your team, there is always this. Quite the showdown developing between Foundation and siggi’s in the B field, they are separated by 1 point with siggi’s in the lead so it should be good. In the A field, Foundation seems to have the Cup locked down, but the fight for second and third rages on between BH/CC and Champsys/SNT. In the W field, Houlihan Lokey should have the Cup. Evan Murphy of BH/CC and Raquel Miller seem to have the Jim Boyd honors on lockdown. Also on Sat, you can get your fill of racing in PP with the Kissena Fall Classic.

Come Sun, you get to do circles around FBF some more with the Mangoseed Graveyard series. There is also the Gran Fondo Gunks taking place in New Paltz, which I only mention because you have the ability to register for what they call the ‘Topless’ field, and that is awesome.

And now, for something completely different…



I saw Greg Olsen riding in the park the other day with the same helmet those guys in the Hopeful Friday picture are wearing.

Ponce de la Yema

Fall Classic – Cue the Bevis and Butthead snicker – I thought that was the first Cat 5 race in March.

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