Hopeful Friday September 14, 2012


Part of this gig requires that on Fridays, I open 4 tabs for bikereg for NY, PA, NJ and CT (this gig also requires other things i can’t put into print. just know it involves andy, dan, olive oil of the virgin kind and a metal ruler). I then peruse the listings for events and put them up here for you, usually trying to add something witty and usually failing miserably at that. There. You know my secret. However, this week there is very little to peruse. It looks like the people of NJ, CT and PA have wisely given up racing bikes on asphalt for the rest of the year, but we in NY haven’t gotten that memo. So…

On Sat, the Tour of the Adirondacks starts with the circuit race and continues into Sun with a 100 mile non-competitive "challenge" ride that’s in the style of a gran fondo (commence with the jokes, we all know what they will be).

For the travel lovers, Sun also brings the White Plains Inaugural Downtown Criterium in lovely White Plains, NY. Or you could stay local and race more at FBF with the folks of Mangoseed/W.S. United. Up to you, I am sure you will be able to get your fill of men in lycra grunting and sweating at either location.

As always, stay safe and have fun out there kids…



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