Hopeful Friday March 9, 2012

Big one coming

This weekend brings the first big race on the NYC bike racing calendar. The Grant’s Tomb Criterium, like the interment of Mr Grant himself, will take place at Grant’s Tomb.

The pavers haven’t made their way to Branchbrook Park yet, so there will be no racing there for at least another week.

On Sunday, there’s another opportunity to race the Spring Series in Central Park.

Also on Sunday is the 2012 Outdoor Sport Center Bethel Spring Series – Ris Van Bethel, for those who like to take a little trip into the country before they do their racing.


Samuel Crank

Is it the full course or some abreviated bullshit?

1 – Rosskopf
2 – Carpenter
3 – Kincade/Barrows

Adrien Dropout

I just talked to the contact. They expect to have the full course provided they get all the cars towed tonight.

Pierre Plug

Anyone have results of the 1-2 and 3 field seven or ten deep?

Any breaks stay away today? Pretty windy.
Did Malcomson win from a break?

mattie davitt

Nope, 2 guys dangling off the front. He hit it from the u-turn out, rolled through those 2 guys, and then rode the rest of the field off his wheel.

EDIT: this referring to the 4 race.

Lucas Neck

Based on twitter feeds…

1. Rosskopf (TT1)
2. Rogers (160/90 p.b. Vie 13)
3. Hall (CRCA/Champion Systems)

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