Hopeful Friday June 20, 2014

Nothing on Saturday

Maybe I’m unaware of what’s going on, but all of the racing this weekend in on Sunday. What’s happening on Saturday?

On Sunday, there’s a Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup race in Prospect Park. 

On Sunday, there’s a CRCA club race in Central Park. 

On Sunday, there’s the Keith Berger Memorial Crit in Hartford, CT. 

Seriously, what’s up?



Time 2 retire

If you’re a 123 and you run into the back of a staged 4/5 race at Rockleigh you should be downgraded to a 5.

Alexandre Sealant

funny how gran fondos have better acumen for doping and controls thereof that do racing institutions. bizarre.

Sugem Pulla

Being a cat 4 is a stepping stone for strong riders, it should not be a place to milk results. Jesus is cat 2 strong, I don’t see why he even wants to stay a cat 4. I also don’t get the train harder statement. Most cat 4s are doing the best they can. Notice how no one complains of a cat 2 sandbagging, or 5 as they get not prizes.


Xander Headset

That video is awesome. Appears that dude tried to bail after rubbing wheels with the Kissena guy in front, then used the guy next to him to cushion the landing.

Sugem Pulla

and has a handful of of 2nd to Baris, who has the self awareness to upgrade. Baris too was a cat 5 this year. I get the team is defending him and wants to bask in the cat 4 glory, but you can’t be the cream of the crap too long…or is the expression I’m trying to use “you can’t have the cake and eat it” ?


Did the leader of the Lucarelli series get his yellow bike or his leaders kit first. God I hope he didn’t buy a bike just to match a leader’s jersey. Le Tour de Frospect Fark,

Julien Bottle

World according to Cat 4 whiner: “I train so much, and my coach says my power numbers are good. Why aren’t I winning? It must be the sandbaggers’ fault. Once they upgrade I can get some results and move up to Cat 3 where I belong.”

Real world: Cat 4 races are easy. Cat 3 races are harder. Cat 2 races are a lot harder. If you can’t even beat Cat 4 “sandbaggers,” you will never get a result once you upgrade, so you might as well stay a Cat 4 and enjoy being competitive instead of pack fill.

It’s not like it’s a seniority system, where they keep upgrading people until it’s your turn to win. After Jesus upgrades someone else will come along to beat you.

After a few years you will figure out that whining about sandbaggers is pathetic.

Sugem Pulla

Don’t worry about how far I am from Jesus as I’m sure I don’t worry about you. And yes, every year new riders move through the ranks. Also what happens almost every year, one rider decides not to upgrade from the lower categories. This year there are 2 on the same team. I have not counted Jesus’s points, but It’s clear he has more than enough to be forced up. What you are saying is that should not be a USCF rule, and riders can stay wherever they please or until they are bored of winning. What other big races must Jesus win for you to be satisfied? Maltese, Binghamton, perhaps a stage race? Why is his team mate Sam not racing cat 3 anymore?, and why did Sam win Harlem as a new cat 2? Was Sam forced? It’s becoming clear Jesus is taking a page out of Sammy’s book and you not only agree with it, but argue the point that everyone else should simply train harder…in the 4s.

Wout Supple

weeeell…it might be possible that Jesus isn’t really learning much at this point in the 4s.

Theo Stiff

so many miserable bastards on this board. Did you even read the post at the bottom? Why race bikes if it brings you so much agitation? What I want to know is – is it the same people tearing each other down and talking trash on NYVC year in and year out? Or are people leaving the sport/moving on from reading and posting here, with fresh faces coming in (who then adopt the negative local racing culture)?

Enzo Crank

MAYBE Jesus and Sam are actually the same person! Double the races, double the prize money!

Everyone is Pro

Heah people, this is an anonymous blog. You can say whatever you want. Sometimes you can just put statements out there to incite the mob. You can even pretend to be someone else.
As much as I enjoy reading the silly comments, some comments are simply not deserving of a response.
Who cares if the yellow jersey bought a bike to match his jersey – for the record he had a yellow bike before the jersey. Who cares if Hay-sue’s wins 20 races in cat 4 . It’s not like he is obliterating the field, he is doing what other successfully cat4 have done, win more races than not. He is not a phenomenon.
Let us try to ignore many of the silliness and indulge the profound. Or not.

Prospect start finish start finish is great.

Guys please hold your line, check your six before switching, I saw a cat 4 reaching for his bottle on the steep downhill and almost ate asphalt.

Thank you and goodnight ladies and gents.

Evan Compliant

Lots of new construction on the roadway in the Park at the area just before the “normal” finish.

They reworked this section yesterday.

Much more narrow than a few days ago, the left side now swings out into the road further making a curve on what was originally a straight section.

It has 2 newly painted rec lanes against the barriers, 1 single “open” pass through lane.
There are also parts of this section that are partial paved with new large concrete curbing, orange fencing on the right hand side.

Riding in the park today was treacherous in this area due to walkers, runners and random cyclists. Its very narrow here now..

Marius Setscrew

wow, huge surprise that no one is signed up for a Dieter race………..guess you rubbed enough people the wrong way

Mathis Axle

The new start / finish @ Prospect Park was a great move. It’s a perfect place to have it. Curious as to why the pre-reg is lower than normal. Usually it’s full by now. Instead, its only @ 50%

Jens Tank

pre-reg is lower because there is a CRCA club race on the same day, and a lot of people are out of town for other stuff.


He was a cat-5 only 2 months ago.

Also, “crew”? This is one person, whose ability you obviously envy.

Gaetan Crank

Mommy, Jesus keeps handing us our ass. Don’t worry Johnny keep complaining and eventually they will force him to upgrade to make up for your lack of talent and training.

Trek rules

What the hell happened in that crash? He unclipped and just decided to slide off the road?? Please explain.

Trek rules

he bags what 6-7 wins in a row? He probably should just upgrade and race where he belongs. Maybe is a 2 like the rest of you guys.
Sandbagger for sure.

Jens Tank

it looked like the guy just fell off his bike, but he might have made contact with the wheel in front of him. either way it’s his responsibility.

Antoine Stiff

crca results are a joke with guys listed in 2 diffferent fields and in one field a dude appears twice. what’s up with the crca board this year you guys are fucking clowns


That gyu was clearly half wheeling and not paying attention. Everyone moved to the side and he wasn’t ready. Probably unclipped to try and put a foot down. Cat 4 field, what do you expect.

Matteo Helmet

your pattern of slamming cat 4s is déclassé considering your apparent superiority as an amateur bicycle racer

Cat 4 Community


thank you for defending the Cat 4s. In Masters races I see lots of guys crossing wheels, it really surprise me consider they where older wiser and above cat4.

Lucas Topcap

There’s crossing wheels, then there’s crossing wheels.

One way makes you crash, the other doesn’t. Experience helps, and until you know what you are doing, you shouldn’t do it.

Question: How do you know you that you know?

Answer: If you blame the guy in front of you for taking out your wheel, you aren’t there yet and shouldn’t cross wheels.

Bastien Bearing

No, Duncecap. There’s crossing wheels, then there’s crossing wheels, THEN THERE’S CROSSING WHEELS.

See the difference?

I Love Lance

Saying he cheated is so boring. Doping will always exist. Accept it and move on to real issues that need attention.

The same goes for bitching about sandbaggers and who cut who off.

Please shut the fuck up and race.

Stay positive and build.

Let’s love each other.

Samuel Setscrew

How was the new PP finish line at the R&A race last week? They are using the same one for the L+C race on Sunday.

I will really miss finising in the Cat 4 corridor of certain doom.

Simon Tank

I was a Cat. 4 for 8 days and 3 races before being upgraded. Won 2 FBFs and a NJ State Championship.

Chuck Norris

I was a Cat. 4 for 8 days and 3 races before being upgraded. Won 2 FBFs and a NJ State Championship.

Tristan Rim

I was a Cat 4 for TWO races! I didn’t win shit but I could have if I felt like it, but you know, winning Cat 4 races is below me.

Martin Tank

I was a Cat 4 for a week before I rescued some puppies and cured cancer, then they upgraded me.

Leon Chainline

The problem is not with Charlie sandbagger it is the system. When the bagger is issued a USCF license he registers for a race. He proceeds to lap the field and looks like Lance on 5 days worth of EPO. When the results are submitted to the USCF the database should raise a flag. **** next to his name meaning top ten finish. All promoters have access to the database and it can be downloaded and updated on daily basis. Now Charlie sandbagger walks up to the registration table after his tenth top ten finish he gets flagged. The promoter says “hey charlie you are still racing CAT 4s let me take a look” inputs his license says.. Sorry Charlie you are now a CAT 2 and the USCF says so. Old school relies on the rider to get written proof of standings right down to saving your race number etc. Lets face how many law abiding sandbaggers have you met in your lives? Most are bullshit artists thru and thru.


Jesus has done about 13 races and done well. I would advise any new Cat 4 to remain as such for at least a season or half a season. Enjoy it, have fun. When you upgrade then take it a little more seriously, as he wont be winning as often.

Some riders upgrade to quickly and cause problems in other fields. I remember last year Ross Baldwin had some sort fo a problem in many races he did. I think I saw him riding in the grass a few times. So to all riders, take your time upgrading. Learn to handle your bike first.

Mathis Polished

Jesus Christ are you seriously going on about some guy who was a Cat 5 two months ago and won a handful of midweek Cat 4 races at Floyd Bennett Field? Maybe he wants to do a real race as a 4 before upgrading. Who cares? How does it hurt you? Carping about “sandbaggers” is ridiculous. A sandbagger is a former pro who downgrades to Cat 3 and races there every week for more than a year. A Cat 4 who doesn’t instantly upgrade the day he gets 20 points is not a sandbagger.

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