Hopeful Friday July 25, 2014

sure, you can race

 It’s another weekend of racing in the area, and, of course, more chances for you to show the world your prowess at bikes.

Sunday there’s the Lime Rock Cycling Grand Prix in Lakeville, CT.

Also on Sunday there’s the relocated Lucarelli and Castaldi Cup race at FBF.

That’s kind of it.


Lucas Topcap

Lime Rock isn’t anywhere near 2 hours away, unless you’re coming from Long Island. 1.5 hours or so from Manhattan by car, and it’s at an actual legit racing venue as opposed to an industrial park or crowded city park.


Just underscoring Alan’s comment about the course, fun, safe and certainly not easy. All the things you want from a good venue. Go check it out if you can.

Charlie I.

Just a reminder that this Sunday’s Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup race has been moved to Floyd Bennett Field due to the ongoing repaving project at Prospect Park. The categories are the same and this race will count towards the overall standings. For obvious reasons, there will be no KOM Points but there will be Sprint Points.

For more info (including start times) and to pre-reg online go to:


The pre-reg entry fee is $25 and the free lap rule will be in effect (wheels-in-wheels-out).

Charlie Issendorf
Race Director
Kissena Cycling Club

Mateo Rivnut

How does a race in Lakeville, CT make it on this NYC based list, but not a race in Stirling, NJ? 2.5 hour drive versus <1 hour drive or train


That’s my fault; don’t mind propping a race that I promote.

I think it would be worth your while to make the drive — 1.5 mile 7-turn course; auto racing track in NW CT. Everyone’s that come has liked the venue. Why not give it a try? 🙂

Florian Ferrule

That was worth the drive. Great course. Safe, wide open and definitely not easy. Would love to see greater turnout next year. Thanks Alan. It was worth the 2 hr drive from NYC.

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