Hopeful Friday August 29, 2014

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You may be done with racing, but that doesn’t mean racing is done with you. There’s still more racing out there, and maybe you should get up off of that thing you’re sitting on and go do them.

Saturday there’s the gravelly Dirty 40 Race in Derby, Vermont.

Friday through Monday is the Green Mountain Stage Race in Waitsfield, VT.

Sunday is the Mangoseed Restaurant – W.S. United Graveyard Series at FBF.

And on Monday, there’s the Olde Mill Inn Tour of Basking Ridge.

That’s a lot of racing, you’d better get to it.



Team Somerville/Montecci did a great job keeping the race for the sprinters at Basking Ridge. They controlled the whole race with a 25 lap leadout. Deivy Cappellan frmr Montecci rider gave a good sprint, but was beaten by the German Pro rider. Given the downhill nature of the finish I think the podium is in order of body weight.

Loic Chamois

They’d have been better off sending 3 guys up the road and 6 blocking, rather than 9 guys leading out the two Germans.


At one point they had 2 riders up the road near the beginning of the race. Yet they shut it down? Over strategizing a bit?


Somerville controlled the whole race from start to finish, not allowing anything to move, frustrating every attempt to have a dynamic race.
And then they lost.

Baldo Axle

Froomey is a wannabe and likes to pretend guys he knows and races against are more hardcore than they are. There aren’t a lot of people who don’t suck at this sport.

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