Hopeful Friday August 22, 2014

We’re back

I leave the area for a week, and it seems that everyone has forgotten how to snipe away about other riders sandbagging and cutting courses. What has become of the internet? What’s next, no more cats?

Saturday morning there’s the last CRCA club race in Central Park.

Saturday and Sunday, there’s the Chris Thater Memorial Cycling Races in Binghamton, NY.

Sunday there’s the Mangoseed Restaurant – W.S. United Graveyard Series @ FBF race at FBF.



Jens Fan

Which one of you guys was posting on the NYVelocity Twitter Account about Jen yesturday? That was some funny stuff…mean, but funny


Based on this, Andy has an outstanding sense of humour as well:

The profile page is where MyID distinguishes itself from RoadID. You can list multiple emergency contacts, medical conditions, insurance information, allergies, or even sneak in pithy lines like ‘Suffers from lycanthropy do not revive during full moon’. Or ‘Do not amputate vestigial tail’.

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