Hopeful Friday April 13, 2012

Let’s be Frank

If you listen closely, you can hear the training plans of hundreds of amateur bike racers nearly reaching their peaks, it’s a noise that sounds almost exactly like a Zip Car begin rented for the weekend. Yes, it’s Battenkill Weekend, which is the Super Bowl for skinny tightly clothed bike racers from the Northeast. And there’s no registration link fro the race, because if you haven’t registered yet, it’s probably too late.

Of course, every Sylvester needs a Frank, so there’s a Spring Series race in Central Park on Saturday, and on Sunday there’s a Spring Series race at FBF.




Piero Tubular

i heard something about a course change at Battenkill with fewer climbs… is that true? damn wish i had known might have signed up.

David Saddlesore

I heard Dieter got rid of the dirt roads because people were complaining about getting flats.

How Many Lenny

I heard of a race in Cambridge NY im a pro that just came off a win in Paris Roubaix is there time for me to register?

Damien Flange

Pro1 registration is not large. Is the full list not posted….? There are no major teams listed in the pre-reg.

Damien Flange

Superbowl of NC racing is this weekend (Presby Crit, Dillworth Crit and NODA Crit all in same day). Looks like the big teams hunting for NRC crit points will all be in the Queen City.

Victor Polished

OMG! Last Bethel race. Stop the presses! The last of 7 races in a spring training series that is 2 hours away is Sunday.

Betting Boop

Who will do well from readers in Battenkill?

Since Schmalz is out of the race, I have no picks.

Don’t care about the 20 cat 5 fields.

Damien Flange

Look to a Redline racer who just finished up Cape Epic. I imagine his form is pretty good at this time.


And for those of you that just can’t get enough from the dirt of Washington County, or just want to race some more, there’s a Hill Climb TT in the morning and criteriums for Women 4, Men 4/5, and Men 2/3 at West Point, hosted by the Army Cycling Team. Details on BikeReg.

Victor Polished

Bethel?? Closer than FBF? Where the hell do you live? Riverdale? We’re talking NY city not State right?

Miles Junk

Hay boys–not enough exposed legs out there this morning. You can do better, studmuffins!

<3 Miles Junk <3


Brian Breach won the Spring Series pro/1/2/3 race, that’s all I know, full results to be posted in July

Y'all are morons

Y’all are dumb
P/1 on Saturday is different from P/1 on Sunday

Plenty of big teams will be there on Sunday

Penman p

Da took the time out to shake everyone’s hand during race and kissed three babies , presidential bid coming soon.

Congrats also to fgx rider who won and greg giletta taking 2nd place in masters

Evan ” baby killer ” murphy taking 9th in cat 2

Congrats to all other local placings

Cat 4 Elite

Will S didn’t manage to latch on to any wheels today at B-K

His strategy of getting 47th by sucking wheel with 5 k to go t work

He got dropped!

the end

our of the Battenkill 2012 (1.2) teams:

Bissel Pro Cycling (USA)
Competitive Cyclist Racing Team (USA)
Équipe cycliste EKOÏ.com/Gaspésien (CAN)
BMC-Hincapie Sportswear Development Team (USA)
Kenda/5 Hour Energy p/b Geargrinder (USA)
Team Optum Presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies (USA)
Team IG – Sigma Sport (GB)
Team Mountain Khakis – SmartStop (USA)
Team Raleigh-GAC (GB)
Team Type 1 – Sanofil (USA)
United Healthcare Pro Cycling (USA)
Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling (USA)
Bikereg.com/Cannondale Cycling Team (USA)
Team Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist (USA)
Ride with Rendall Cycling Team (CAN)
Team Medique p/b Silber Investments (CAN)
OCTTO presented by Cervélo (CAN)
Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes/CRCA (USA)
Hagens Berman Elite Cycling (USA)
Stans Notubes / AXA Equitable Cycling Team (USA)
Pure Energy Cycling Team (USA)
Mt. Borah Cyling Team (USA)
XO Communications p/b Cisco Systems (USA)
Garneau/Quebecor Cycling Team (CAN)
Jet Fuel Cycling Team (CAN)
Juwi Solar Elite Cycling (USA)
Astellas Cycling (USA)
CashCall Mortgage (USA)
Athletix Cycling Team Benefiting Globalbike (USA)

Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/11465/Total-of-29-teams-announced-for-2012-Tour-of-the-Battenkill.aspx#ixzz1s4R5nfqA

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