Hangover September 4, 2012

Vermont’s over…

I have stuff to do, so no funny intro and straight to business this am, sorry…

A training race in Vermont took place this weekend, something called GMSR. Everyone locally tends to use it to hone their form for the last CRCA race of the year. Results are here. At Tour of High Bridge, I am pretty sure everyone figured out what their start time was and the results for the races that took place can be found here. Results for the FBF Sunday race can be found here and here are the results for the Millport Road Race.

Results for the Tour of Basking Ridge and the Labor day Track Meet are still pending.


Prelim Labor Day Track Meet results are located here


SPOKEn Lancelot

$50 day of entrance fee, jeff Lenowsky, great kids races, food, good course and good marshsalling, but why no women’s races?


the sooner cycling loses its popularity the better.

the next time someone days, “do you strava?” i’m going to kick them in the nutz.

gimme back the old days of friction shifting and no maps.

rubios not robertos not filibertos

Race promoters are getting cheap with the racing. this whole time + 3 laps thing sucks. Whatever happened to 25 – 35 mile crits? We need some “minimum distance” rules.


Things are “getting” dumb? That must the the understatement of the year for this sport. Thing are beyond dumb. More like retardo. From everyone and their great grandmother doping to fee hikes for races. Don’t worry next year you will be paying Charilie 30 bucks to race FBF….you heard it hear first. But no worries, your compensation will be the many mosquito bites you receive in your ass while standing around talking about your half a lap of glory off the front… LATER SUCKERS!!!!!

money pit

The only people laughing to the bank are the promoters. The rest of you are just suckers in the quest for who knows what, with your fancy equipment and r2d2 shifting.

Gordon Gekko

if you don’t want to pay rich promoters, then Velocity will have to start reporting Gimbels results. btw, who won on Sunday?


How come no results from Kissena – heard the Pink Panthers dominated the races, they were the larges team with 25 riders.

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