Hangover September 17, 2012

Filling it in

 I must admit that I have grown accustomed to not having to scour the internet on Monday mornings for snippets and clues to the athletic achievement of the past two days, and when I say I’ve grown accustomed to it, I mean that I despise looking up results for racers that aren’t me. But there are paying subscribers to keep happy (I crack myself up sometimes), so I shall recap the weekend’s accomplishments.

At the Tour of the Adirondacks, most of the racing and placing was done by non-NYC area people, saving me the trouble of listing them by names, Parker Chea of Star Track was the lone racers to represent NYC on the podiums up there, with second place in the junior 14-15 race. Results are here.

At the inaugural White Plains Downtown Criterium, Eneas Freyre of Target Training won the pro/1/2/3 race. Caryl Gale of Wonder Wheels won the women’s race. Tom Dudzik of the Farm Team won the cat 3/4 race. Billy Wherley won the cat 5 race. Results are here.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, the Mangoseed Graveyard series is bouncing along, with Phil Penman of BH/Comedy Central winning the cat 1/2/3 race. This is after he set the fastest time at the Lake Noxamixon time trial the day before in Quakertown, Pa.


Sacha Flange

White Plains was a really well run event. One of the best races of the year. Props to Aki and the others who made it happen.

Your former boss

Why is it that Foundation guys always seemed to either crashing? Or getting busted for doing something stupid like doping or trying to cheat his way into a race?

Siebe Chainsuck

has been racing Bs for years and was beating Dan Chabanov back when he was a B – he is now scoring UCI points. Guzman in his defense however, races MAC races in the Bs and he is not the only sandbagger,. He races As in the local stuff.

Usain Bolt

White plains was a hard course?!?
Y’all are such pansies

And a message to the foundation guy who crashed, do yourself a favor and stay out of the 1/2’s way, you dont belong.

Benjamin Brifter

Hey, usain bolt must won the cat 1/2/3 race on Sunday besides wining 100mtrs at London Olympics I guess LMAO . Not even PRO cyclist crashes usain bolt, seems like you’re too fast to race cat 1’s ether, you should keep running instead LOL.

Eric Ragot

An automatic upgrade after two wins requires, as I read the guidelines, 40 person fields (of Cat 2’s). However, if anyone likes, Randy Inglis (ringlis@usacycling.org) is the guy who does Cat 1 upgrades. Feel free to contact him if you think Guzman should be booted from the B’s.


Nothing on Bucks County Classic (old Univest)? The local guys got killed but it was a super hard course. 7,500 climbing – 100 miles. Great race to watch. Hopefully it becomes more popular.

Siebe Chainsuck

Has about 400 points in the Bs and is faster than the bottom half of the As in most races. He likes to win and does not want to get lapped by Powers, Lindine, Driscoll et al.

Jordan Supple

Hey usain, did you ever crash at all before in your “PRO 1-2 local dreamer belong” career ? just wondering

HGH Hincapie

Fuck, doorbell just rang and I was hoping it was my CRCA out of competition test…

It was only UPS with delivering Jared Bunde (TM) brand ‘supplements.’

Anyone picking Zabriskie for the World’s?

Foundation Bums

Go down like Tyler Farrar AND Tom Danielson… Speaking of which, where’s Schmalz’s e-buddy, Mr. False Candor himself and the worst fucking writer in Cycle Sport history, J. Vaughters?


Buck’s County who??? That’s John Eustice’s race. The last time I check, he is the unofficial public enemy of the NYC racing scene, if not at least on this message board and the site. Oh dear, please somebody puts him out of business. I would gladly do it if he is running the Harlem Crit 2013.

Mario Chain

Yes Cat4forever, please put JE out of business so YOU can run Harlem Crit. I am sure your version will also qualify as a USA Crits race and will also draw United Healthcare.


Believe me, I could. I have dealt with John personally. He is so lucky I didn’t go hardcore on him. Well, gloves are off now because he gave me the reasons to judge him as a liar and a sleezy person. He can’t be trusted. He will get it. No one’s fault except he himself…..

Doper Suck

Is everthing you write on this site NEGATIVE. When I come on this site to browse around YOUR NAME(Cat4forever)always have something slick to say and about another cyclist,promoter and your own mother. WHY?


Did I dope in my comments??? 🙂 Or are my comments doped???? Don’t worry, my beef with John is personal. I just need to take care of some business with him…..

Doper Suck

Your comments are not Doped or Funny it is ignorant.The comments you write are silly and just degrading.I think you are worst then DA with your comments,you sit at you computer and wait to write something NEGATIVE about cyclist or promoters when something is posted on this site.Like Really DUDE you need serious help…

Doper Suck

Dr. Phil

Well that escalated quickly……….

Maybe you two should settle this in the park!
2 laps, winner gets all the revenue from this site for a week

Tyson Laidler

I dunno, I thought cat4forever had a couple funny posts, though nothing as funny as someone calling themselves “dopers suck” defending Eustice. Certainly nothing close to as funny as comparing someone to DA over their contrarian message board posts.

I’m going to call a tie and ask it to be broken by dopers suck and Eustice slapping each other around with the hot mops.

Brent Ceramic

Stuck up ass wipes?

You mean like a handi-wipe that’s stuck up the ass?

Please clarify, I can’t function properly today without knowing what you mean.

Thank you.

Ashenden's Fraud

How NYVelo, when’s your arrogant sweetie Ashenden going to explain Mapei ’96 or PDM ’91 or _______, _____ and _______. Doesn’t quite fit his– or your– selective outrage schtick does it?

Also, unrelated except for leg shaving, Eneas Freyre?! I’m having flashbacks to the Kissena Pro Team!

David Blume

I just finished reading ‘The Secret Race’ and highly recommend to anyone with interest in professional cycling, particularly if you followed it during the Armstrong Tour de France years. It does a great job explaining how racers go about doping and avoid detection.

It also paints quite a picture of Armstrong. While, ever story has two (if not three or more sides) even if its 50% accurate, he is a real piece of work.

Its difficult to come away from this read and believe that cycling (particularly stage racing) is really clean, or will be any time in the foreseeable future. It also makes me believe (as Ashenden goes on record again today contending) that the professional cycling governing bodies (UCI most notable among them) are corrupt to the core. Finally, it amazes me how Armstrong somehow found his way to become so powerful. He is very clever, and in a very dangerous way.

Flatty flatser

The ever lasting question ‘will cycling ever be clean’. I do not know how much you know about Dr Fuentes, the famous Spanish doctor. Anyway, does not really matter, what does matter is that it where not just cyclist on his ‘patient’ list. Rumor has that the Real Madrid soccer squat was among his clientele, just like various high profile tennis players. The only athletes ever to see the negative consequences of this investigation have not been the rich and powerfull footballclubs or tennis players… but the cyclist … Guess why?

Siebe Chainsuck

BC cyclists are nerds and the sport is a joke. Fun for the family and to keep fit but we are all just skinny dorks that wear lycra.. The best cyclist in the world would kill to play for Real for one season.

Alex Ferguson

FIFA treats the issue like the NFL. Business first. You want to watch players blown in the 80th min?


HGH Hincapie

Might have a few suggestions re: testosterone & other supplements… The Floyd Landis ball patch works well too though your father-in-law might commit suicide afterwards if you’re married.

Jens Voight– clean as Grete Waitz’s ass– knows NOTHING about any of this, however… riiiiiiight.


USA CRITS Championship Series Standings

1. Luke Keough, Team Mountain Khakis/SmartStop, 2031 pts
2. Oscar Clark, UnitedHealthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project, 1917 pts
3. Emile Abraham, Rossetti Devo Cycling Team, 1753 pts
4. Euris R. Vidal, CRCA/Foundation, 1678 pts
5. Gavriel Epstein, Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes/CRCA, 1593 pts
6. Colin Jaskiewicz, Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes/CRCA, 1557 pts
7. Rafael Meran, CRCA/Foundation, 1534 pts
8. Jean-Michel Lechance, Rossetti Devo Cycling Team, 1259 pts
9. Isaac Howe, Kenda/5-Hour Evergy Pro Cycling p/b Geargrinder, 1038 pts
10. Frank Travieso, Team Coco’s, 978 pts
Now back to your regularly scheduled doping bitchfest.

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