Hangover June 23, 2014

Things were done.

Now is the time where we look at the results.

At the Giro Del Cielo, Lauren Dagostino of MidAtlantic Colavita Women’s Team won the women’s 1/2/3 overall. Jesse O’Donnell of e2value won the cat 3 overall. David Taylor of Eumaeus Asset Mgmt – Fuoriclasse won the 45+ overall. Hannah Todd of Pink Rhino Racing won the women’s cat 4 overall. Donovan Clarke of King Kog/Roulant Clothing won the cat 4-5 overall. Results are here.

At the CRCA Club Race, Zach Koop of Blue Ribbon/Pennell Venture Partners won the A race. Helen Hatch of Stans NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX won the women’s race. Chris Peck of e2Value won the B race. Jaime Garcia of BH/Comedy Central won the 40+ race. Robert Allen of BOLD Racing/enduranceWERX won the C race. Results are here.

At the Lucarelli & Castaldi race at Prospect Park on Sunday, Dan Zmolik of Stan’s NoTubes p/b Proferrin won the pro/1/2/3 race. Jesus Martinez of Triangle Cyclists/South Shore won the cat 4 race. Dan Richmond of Manpower Bike Long Island won the cat 5 race. Results are here.



new S/F in prospect park is great. funny though that the Parks Dept asked us to keep the noise down so that the 1%ers on PPW can get their beauty rest.

Leo Cable

Why do we have to keep the noise down on the ppw side oppose to the ocean ave side or even the coney island side or even the caton ave side. What makes ppw more SPECIAL than the other blocks?

Guillaume Rivnut

Most of the old guys was a cat 1 or 2 already and have just downgraded. The 3 place finisher is a former masters national champion or the track and criterium and former Olympian.


old guys go back to being 3 as there is no point in being a 1 or 2 when you are over 50…gives you more race options and who wants to race against kids when one is an old man.

Marius Ferrule

Not that anyone cares about Cat 5 results, but Dan Perez won the 5’s L & C race, pretty sure that is not his team in the on the results page either.

Giulio del Friulio

Where’s the place where I can write really mean comments? And can I find it when I am drunk?

That’s two strikes already. And there are real PROs in CO so the hatred would just be too much to bear.


More to the basic issue, I don’t recall the noise in the S/F area to be that much. The really loud noise is the sound of carbon fiber and flesh hitting the deck and that can happpen anywhere in the park


Why should the cyclist be quiet when its a public park ? It was no complaints when we had the old finish on parkside ave or lets go back further when the finish was on caton ave side it was no complaints.Its a public park why the FU*CK we have to be quiet.

Dino Ceramic

The results for Giro Del Cielo you are mentioning above are only the first day results, these do not include the Road Race, which took place on Sunday.

Xander Headset

I am impressed that Strumolo was so strong in the CRCA A race that he finished 6th and 17th.

Marchionne Ferrule

like someone said yesterday

“crca results are a joke with guys listed in 2 diffferent fields and in one field a dude appears twice. what’s up with the crca board this year you guys are fucking clowns”


Donald Rumsfeld

Yes, what a group of fucking volunteer clowns. The only thing more pathetic than fucking volunteer clowns is complaining about the fucking volunteers. Instead of blabbering about slow results, go show those fucking clowns how you can do it better.

@Donald Rumsfeld

Looking at results to notice clear mistakes like guys in 2 different fields is not a lot to ask. Volunteer or not, if you say you’re going to do a job at least put minimal effort into it.

Donald Rumsfeld

I think you should show them how it’s done. Volunteer for the board next year and make it better.

@Donald Rumsfeld

Ok Rumsfeld, so you’re basically admitting whoever posted the results is an idiot. I can get my 5 year old to look at a list of names and make sure they’re not repeated anywhere, but evidently not this adult on the crca board.

Matteo Tubie

Reports that say there’s — that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

Donald Rumsfeld

No, I am admitting that repeated complaining about a group of volunteers is lame. Last election cycle, few seats were contested. If you think you can run it better, go volunteer to do so.

Personally, I think the CRCA board does a great job. It’s hard, thank-less work. So far we’ve had a great year with successful club races and sell out open races.

Complaining that the results are posted too late or that club race results are not accurate is pretty silly. If you were in the top ten, you probably know how you did. If you were outside of the top ten, try harder next time.

@Donald Rumsfeld

crca board is doing a great job? you call it sucessful that they LOST $5,000 of the club’s money on the Dave Jordan race? Seriously dude, what’s next?

Donald Rumsfeld

Sounds like you’ve got a great grasp on numbers. Treasurer might be a good job for you.

Gaetan Crank

New topic. I’m old, 34, Cat 2. And not looking to nor interested in upgrading to a 1. And I still get plenty racing in with pro 1,2, 1,2,3 or chance it in 2/3 fields.

Gaetan Crank

No need to feel sorry. I say “old” in terms of the sport. I still push the pedals just as hard as local cat 1’s and hold my own in a pro 1/2. (Good genetics and quick twitch) Just not willing to take as many risks. This is fun for me. This can’t pay the mortgage.

Gaetan Crank

I’ll just do what every other abnormally strong master is doing. Take EPO and roll the dice.


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Mathis Polished

Median age of top 20 finishers in Cat 3 Maltese race: 38

Median age of podium finishers: 54

Tom Neck

“public” means everyone gets screwed equally…we don’t get to do all we want, and they don’t get everything they want. You guys haven’t felt all the love we get from the joggers when we’re hanging out in the joggers lane not giving a rats ass about their morning jog…..yesssir feel the love!

Matteo Chainsuck

What’s the bathroom scene near the new start/finish? Is there one near the new start/finish?

Titouan Brazeon

So what if I am late….
Men 1,2,3 – Stephen Alexander (Foundation)
Women 1,2,3 – Victoria Brumfield (Radical Media)
Men Cat 3 – Eutimio Quintero (Foundation)
Ment Cat 4 – Luisgie Shoy (MBCR)
Men Cat 5 – Jeffrey Chivers (Foundation)
Team Classification – Foundation. On the podium of every each minus the Men Cat 4

Pantsless in Seattle

“Pubic” describes the short hairs stuck in your teeth. You should probably keep it quiet as well. I’m sure he will.

Jens Tank

To be fair, the old finish was nowhere near any residential buildings. but hey, if they want it quiet they can always shut down the park for us and let us start at 9AM…..right?

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