Hangover June 16, 2014

Things happened

As there was bike racing this weekend, there must be results to convey, which I will do right now.

At the R&A Cycling Series race in Prospect Park on Saturday, Chris Loehner of Brands Cycle/Roslyn Porsche won the 40+ race. Kristin Lotito of Houlihan Lokey won the women’s race. Daniel Perez won the cat 5 race. Results are here.

At the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic on Sunday, Andreas Graf won the pro/1/2/3 race. Kristin Lotito of Houlihan Lokey won the women’s 1/2/3/4 race. Samuel Frias of Triangle Cyclists won the cat 2/3 race. James Joseph of WS United won the cat 3/4 race. Jesus Martinez of Triangle Cyclists/South Shore Bikes wont he cat 4 race. Ray Hyland won the cat 5 race. Results are here.



Marius Setscrew

Dear Eli,
While I agree that Sixcycle sucks, you don’t go inside unless you can handle it. Since you hit the barricades I am assuming you were moving up on one of the turns since no one was hugging the barricades on the straight aways. If you are gonna move up on the inside you’d better be ready to bump bars, if not then just move up on the outside where you can usually pick your line. I am sure all your coaching clients will appreciate this advice when you pawn it off as your own.

A guy who is glad he never has to race against you

Maxime Steerer

I believe Eli wrote “I was moving up on the inside…”

Which would lead me to believe he was moving up on the inside.

When you seem to always have a problem with other people, perhaps the problem is actually you.

Giulio del Friulio

Your mother… despite his stupid name is right. Marking someone in a crit is a loser’s game.

Your mama weighs 175 kilos so the math is easy: watts/kilos = 2 = Cat 4. But she gets out of the saddle like a Cat 1. Mmm – mmm…

Going full ellipsis here boys.

Matteo Brazeon

I left NYC and cycling a year ago and now I read all these posts and realize YOU ARE ALL FUCKING IDIOTS U NEED TO GROW UP AND GET A LIFE

Jordan Ceramic

Please stop crying you feel down by accident now brush yourself off and go ride corners better.

the cannibal

Eli you crashed because your instincts aren’t good. For example:

“That sandpaper on the inside corners was difficult to read because it felt grippier, but in reality, there was a fine film of gravel-like-subtance atop it. In other words, it was actually slightly more slippery.”

How could you mistake less grip for more grip? It was obvious to me…

Captain Caperton.


Antonio Wave Ring

Agree with Matteo to a degree. The scene has became increasingly toxic over the least few years.


Antonio are you refering to this site or NYC racing in general. I find thee is too much hate in the races

Antonio Wave Ring

Yes, I have seen more hate and just bad mojo over the last few years in and at local races. I have a feeling the consistent nastiness without the older snarky funny stuff on this site is a reflection of that. Too many squeezed into little spaces with the elimination of a lot of great out-of-towners? I don’t know, just an observation.

Matteo Chainsuck

Anybody got some old school Harlem Crit pictures or results sheets? I’d love to see some from the early 1990s when everyone would park and warm up on trainers in that interior parking lot behind the start finish that is now a sweet little league field.

Cat class.

Calling out a rider, ANY rider, who uses their real name on this forum is cowardly and classless. Especially if it’s done anonymously (like me right now). A Cat 1, 2 or 3 who feels it necessary to publicly belittle a 4 may have earned the points for upgrade but not a lick of respect…from ANYONE.

Xander Torque

The crash in the picture/movie was going over the sandpaper stuff. However,there were two other crashes on that corner that I managed to avoid in the 3/4 race that were outside of the sandpaper stuff. Not sure why they happened, did not look like contact, just sliding out going round the corner.

Secret teammate

We should give a round of applause to CRCA and all the folks who were involved in putting on Harlem. Thanks guys, I know they had to jump a whole lot of hoops to make the race happen.

Nipple Wrench

You can ride 140psi on Vreds easily and still have grip. But if the corners are bouncy you need to lower the PSI in the tires according to your weight, because you will slide out.

Roger Parmelee

I wish i was at the race this weekend but i had my 2nd wedding in 2 weeks so..ya……But,sucks that anyone crashed in the race..hope all parties are ok, but were talking about racing. thats one of the most unfortunate parts about it..as a CAT 2 and a sprinter i couldn’t tell you how many time i have been put in super dangerous situations..you want to win??? well… get use to it because no one is just going to hand it to you..i always give everyone respect and the people on my team do to, as i hope that i would get the same from my competitors. anyone who has raced w/ me or knows me knows that to be 100% true…..fighting for position is all part of the game and when you have 50 guys trying to win a race your going to get put in situations….if Eli got squeezed out well guess what? its probably not going to be that last time that happens. i don’t mean to come off brash about it…but its the reality.. its happend to me before and im sure everyone else on here. IT’S RACING…thats why you should be at the front the best you can. Its why its safer when a team controls the final…no one is fighting for position when its single file. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often so we are all clustered together fighting for position.

my name is at the top so you all know who wrote this..come talk to me at the next race if you have a problem with the way i race or anyone on my team..we pretty much all know each other so that shouldn’t be a problem..Right?


Roger is right. If you see what happens at any NCC race in the P/1 field you will understand. It’s part of racing, it happens. As they say, “that’s racing”. Knees, elbows, chops, sweeps and riders taken out are often part of racing. It sucks, but it’s they way it goes and the higher category you go the more it’s an integral part of the race. You’re less likely to see it at smaller races where everyone is friendly and are less desperate to win. At bigger events, with large prizes people are there to race and race hard, so be ready for anything and don’t ever think that your position is safe and secure.

Often the riders remaining near the front are working hard all race to stay there.

Guillaume Nipple

weee i took a guy out or was taken out for a grand. as if that makes it worth it to give or receive.

Are you high?

Closing the gate, defending the inside, etc is an integral part of racing. Intentionally crashing someone is an integral part of being a psychopath.

your mom's FTP is 350 watts

some people are just better at reading wheels..That’s one factor for people who stay up more often than not… i guess you know now to stay off of the wheel that chopped you…also if you “mark people” like i read Eli does or anyone for that matter you’ll get beat 9X out of 10. if you’re strong you can eat enough shit for the last 5-10 min of a race (when its hard) to be where you need to be w/o “marking people. if you’re not than you’re following wheels and getting squeezed out. fact.

Totto Neck

that walsh “took you out” on purpose. just because he looked left doesn’t mean he saw you. if there’s one thing for sure, when a racer looks in one direction, that usually means he’s going to move in that direction. pretty basic stuff. you took a chance that there would be room between the bunch and the fence and lost.

Danato Brakepad

Wow. After reading all these comments, it really sounds like a great sport you all have got here. Where do I sign up?

Luchino Seatmast

Heard that next year the corners are going to be much tighter – that the DOT isn’t going to remove the traffic furniture like they did this year. If true it will be a very different race – much slower but maybe safer….

Giovanni Tigweld

I don’t know, it’s kind of legit if you can take the inside and own it. Maybe a dick move but not necessarily a rookie move.

Matteo Chainsuck

“I bet if you did a psi check you would find a number totally inappropriate for a crit.”

Serious question – what is appropriate PSI for Harlem?

Giovanni Tigweld

Nevermind how much you weigh, what tires you ride, your riding style, etc.

85-90psi. No discussion.

Kyllian Tigweld

it got me to a top ten in the M4 field so yes, i’m pretty sure i know what i’m talking about

Gabin Clearcoat

I rode 110 front 115 rear @165 lbs on conti 4000s. No sliding/bouncing, just need to know how to corner.

Amerigo Bartape

Killian, you’re a fucking Cat 4 with a top ten. Whoop de do. What the fuck do you know about PSI? You may not speak until you are a 3 with points!

Lorenzo Dropout

Eli did nothing wrong. The Sixcycle guy who moved in on Eli is the asshole here. There’s no happy ending to doing that to someone. Mattv how about you teach your guys to race with respect and not dick moves that send guys to hospital.

Benedetto Internal Routing

will take your wheel out..watch the vid on sixcycle…his front wheel is typical of what happens when you break in the apex of a corner.

Giovanni Tigweld

Low sides only happen because of too much brake? I have a hard time believing someone who substitutes ellipsis for parentheses.

Liam Brakepad

I don’t think people purposefully run people into barricades. No one wants to be responsible for sending someone to the hospital. Typically if the group shifts left or right and you’ve got some crossed wheels then you have no choice but to go with the group. Dangerous to cross wheels and its dangerous to ride close to barricades. Bike racing is a mixture of tactics, fitness, and minimizing hazards. It’s a bike race, their are a multitude of factors at play and its asinine to lay blame on one rider/team. If you have an issue with a specific rider, MAN UP and talk to him or her after. Maybe you’ll reach an accord, find some understanding, and even get an apology. It’s healthier that way.


I agree, same goes for NCC races. There needs to be spearate categories, 2,3,4, etc for safety’s sake.


sounds like the 2/3 was equally dangerous as the 3/4s if not worse. and yes, turn 1 if you took the inside line it was fine but the pavement sucks on the outside I can see how that could cause someone who is fatigued to lose it.

One of those Dads

There are a bunch of “dad” 2’s and 3’s in this here city that will kick your butt and steal your lunch money, so easy with the nostalgia comment. (though admittedly there are a few where you are spot on, so there should be a master’s race there)
As for the crashes, I bet if you did a psi check you would find a number totally inappropriate for a crit.


My crash was in the 2/3’s. I was sitting top 15/20 wheels. Someone tried to take my line, thinking I’d brake. In retrospect, I should have. Those barricades broke my bike.

In the 3/4 race, Scott Mills of JLVelo slipped out. That sandpaper on the inside corners was difficult to read because it felt grippier, but in reality, there was a fine film of gravel-like-subtance atop it. In other words, it was actually slightly more slippery.

Jens Tank

there should be a masters race….but not because it’s “easy for out of shape guys”. last years 40+ was the same speed as the P12 (29mph).

Marius Setscrew

pretty sure we were taking turn 1 way faster than the 3/4’s and no one in our field slipped out, dip shit prolly touched his brakes

Giovanni Tigweld

Time to stop blaming people for your mistakes. No one is required to tow you up to the line.

No one is required to keep the inside open for you. If you want to take the risk of dropping inside, you are taking the risk of getting curbed. Hence the old saying “inside suicide”.


Mills flatted his front wheel shortly before that corner, which caused his crash. Turn 1 was a mess of gravel and super fine sand (on that sandpapery surface), which gave riders a really hard time. I spent pretty much all of the 2/3 race sweeping it out (Someone was apparently out there before the race, but the gritty surface made it really hard to sweep everything off), so it wasn’t nearly as bad for the 2/3s as for the 3/4s (and should’ve been mostly clear for the women and elite men)

Matteo Chainsuck

… the 3/4 is too dangerous and the 2/3 is too fast for out of shape dads who still want to show up as field filler to keep the tradition going …

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