Hangover July 28, 2014

more things happened

The weekend happened. As did some bike racing. I will recap what I can find with a very quick search.

At the Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup race at FBF, we don’t know what heppened, despite what I typed earlier.

As of this typing that is all I know, if you know who won other races, please share the information with everyone below.



Guccio Seattube

Anyone else catch half the Watchung Wheelmen team cut through the middle of the course in attempt to chase back on after the two crashes on the backside of the course in the last few laps? Officials seem not to have caught it. Free lap was over, yet one of them placed….

Hay Wood Jablowme

what do you suck more at? Racing bikes or using the internet to drivel about racing bikes?

Secret teammate

Why the hate? Why do you even visit this site then?
Is it because it’s Monday? Did you flat on your way to your club ride?


1 114.19 Michael Margarite New York, NY 211807 275 Weather Channel
2nd Place
2 Rafael Miran 310
3rd Place
3 115.13 Brad Evans Grand Junction, CO 127239 260 Calder Stewart NZ
4 Patrick Jones 270 Cycling Otago
5 116.07 Ryan Shebelsky Elizabethtown, PA 274785 294 Team Alliance Environmental
6 116.54 John (Jackie) Simes Alburtis, PA 150549 316 Custom Velo
7 Deivy Capellan 248 Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
8 Cristian Camilo Torres Calderon 299 Montecci
9 Adam Alexander 90
10 118.42 Stalin Quiterio Cuello Fort Lee, NJ 307825 315 Dave Jordan Racing
11 118.89 Eric Workowski Kutztown, PA 103440 301 Team Alliance Environmental
12 119.36 Guillaume Nelessen Lambertville, NJ 151319 280 Van Dessel Factory Team
13 119.83 John Durso Morris Plains, NJ 53502 256 Watchung Wheelmen
14 120.30 Glenn Ferreira North Brunswick, NJ 240153 261 Team Metra / Cycles 54
15 120.77 Colton Valentine Philadelphia, PA 186783 84 QCW Cycling
16 121.24 Juan Carlos Polanco Tenafly, NJ 345430 314 GS Mengoni U.S.A.
17 121.71 Wesley Kline Emmaus, PA 283449 271 UCI CT: Airgas Cycling
18 122.18 Lisban Quintero New York, NY 220839 286 We Stand United (W.S.)
19 122.65 Rodrigo Echeverri Conde Somerville, NJ 404313 257 High Gear/Trek/WW
20 123.12 Gavriel Epstein Englewood, NJ 179451 259 UCI CT: Champion System – Stans NoTubes
21 123.59 Eran Preble (1 – Cat2) Voorhees, NJ 341040 285 Hobbie Corrigan & Bertucio P.C./CC Evesham
22 124.06 Stephan Hoffman New York City 309396 267 Lupus Racing Team
23 124.53 Alejandro Guzman New York, NY 238008 309 Foundation
24 125.00 Juan Pimentel Jr. (2 – Cat2) Maywood, NJ 243357 282 Foundation
25 125.47 Juan Pineda Sparkill , NY 52336 283 GS Gotham
26 125.94 Michael Zak (3 – Cat2) Fair Lawn, NJ 301653 303 Blue Ribbon-Pennell Venture Partners
27 126.41 Edwin Bull Mendham, NJ 91184 246 Van Dessel Factory Team
28 126.88 Stephan Dioslaki Wayne, NJ 57164 87 Five Four Sports
29 127.35 Eugene Boronow Tucson, AZ 57369 245 G.S. Mengoni U.S.A.
30 127.82 Thomas Barnett Freehold, NJ 247838 243 Lupus Racing Team
31 Herman Requne 306
32 128.76 Franklin Burgos Bronx, NY 258520 247 Century Road Club Assoc
33 129.23 Erlin Garcia West New York, NJ 428602 264 Montecci Cycling
34 129.70 Meurig James (4 – Cat2) Philadelphia, PA 309287 269 QCW Cycling
35 130.17 Ronald Araya (1 – Cat3) Grecia 429027 241 Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell
36 130.64 Thomas Detwiler (5 – Cat2) Philadelphia, PA 252258 89 Breakawaybikes.com-Vie13 pb Felt Bicycle
37 131.11 Keith Hatton (6 – Cat2) Philadelphia, PA 278237 85 Amoroso’s Racing Team
38 131.58 Steven Francisco (7 – Cat2) Marlton, NJ 341036 262 C C Evesham
39 132.05 Nicholas Rogers Philadelphia, PA 290087 83 Breakawaybikes.com-Vie13 pb Felt Bicycle
40 132.52 David Dawson Springfield, PA 250197 252 The Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist
Team 1st Place 41 132.99 Gerald Adasavage (8 – Cat2) Ridgewood, NY 278103 240 Weather Channel
42 133.46 Gorgi Popstefanov Garfield, NJ 339836 313 Team Metra / Cycles 54
43 133.93 Michael DeGeorge (9 – Cat2) Washington, NJ 282234 253 High Gear/Trek/WW
44 134.40 Michael Rosenhaus Morristown, NJ 45870 311 Central Jersey Cycling Team
45 134.87 Ben Smith (2 – Cat3) Morristown, NJ 33034 296 DNK Cycling
Team 1st Place 46 135.34 John Minturn Philadelphia, PA 179015 279 Weather Channel
47 135.81 Laura Van Gilder Cresco, PA 36345 312 Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers
48 136.28 David Novak Tunkhannock, PA 268729 317 Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
49 136.75 Guillermo Gonzalez Castro Branchburg, NJ 430732 266 Somerville Bicycle Shop
50 137.22 Elvi Rodriguez Garcia Branchburg, NJ 309642 290 Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
51 137.69 David Wilson (10 – Cat2) Morristown, NJ 38514 308 Central Jersey Cycling Team
52 138.16 Johann Burrowes (11 – Cat2) Brooklyn, NY 198228 304 We Stand United (W.S.)
53 138.63 Zebulon Nelessen (12 – Cat2) New York, NY 175547 281 Van Dessel Factory Team
54 139.10 John Landino (13 – Cat2) Ridgewood, NJ 230099 272 DeathRow Velo
55 139.57 Gilberth Gomez Valverde Branchburg, NJ 260034 265 Team Somerville Bicycle Shop

Ross Baldwin

If this was in the pro race our highest finisher was ahead of the crashes and with the front field. I’m not sure what everyone on the team did since I was dealing with my bike failing, but there weren’t many of us left and I don’t think anyone went through although a lot of the field was impacted and I think many did. If you have an issue with something in general though you should probably bring it up with an official or that person though, instead of the comments section a few days later.

Loic Chamois

Thanks Ross. I saw your lead rider get caught in the crash and cut through the course with a teammate working together to bring him to the front. The officials wouldn’t take my word alone which is why I asked for others to speak up. It’s unlikely they would do anything now, but it’s a bush league move regardless.

Remigio Grips

i too heard the same thing about highgear (Durso in particular) cutting the course because they lost contact as a result of the crash that opened a gap and separated them from the field.

Charlie I.

L&C Cup in Prospect Park!

The final Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup race will be held this Saturday in Prospect Park. We have received confirmation from the Park officials that the repaving project is now complete.

To pre-register online go to :


Online registration closes tomorrow night so register now before the fields fill up!

Charlie Issendorf
Race Director
Kissena Cycling Club

Baldo Axle

The officials wouldn’t take the uncorroborated word of one person that someone cut the course? Rightfully so, No? Especially since it’s just an anonymous accusation on a pretty low bar cycling forum.


I heard they haven’t given the go ahead yet but work seems to be pretty much done, they’ve painted lanes and are installing traffic lights. hard to imagine it won’t be finished by saturday.

meat grinder

at June 28th’s results. There are no results posted for 7/27 L&C at FBF. There was no P123 race. A W&D guy won on a solo break in the Cat 4 and not sure on the Cat 5.

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