Hangover July 21, 2014

You did things!

Many of you did a very difficult race in Central Park this weekend, and I am here to type about it.

At the Mengoni Gran Prix, Adam Alexander of Foundation won the pro/1/2 race. Colleen Gulick of Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & She won the women’s 1/2/3/4 race. Alex Sanborn of Foundation won the cat 3 race. Edikson Pea of Montecci won the cat 4 race. Jeffrey Chivers of Foundation won the cat 5 race. Parker Chea of Star Track NYC won the juniors race. Results are here.



For the asshat that had earphones in. Whats next texting while racing? Kind of scary these same people may have drivers licenses.

Lenny Grips

Fill in the blank:

“DQs are just a part of NYC racing ___________”

A) because the scene is full of morons.

B) with all of these clueless referees.

C) until FBF is the only venue left to us.

D) but seriously wtf, running sucks, amrite?

Arne Drainhole

and a Talansky sprint crash in stage 7 should never ever happen either. Excitable Pro is new cat 4

Noe Drainhole

From their FB page:

Race Update: the repaving project in the construction area is still ongoing. We are waiting for confirmation from the Park officials on if it will be completed in time for our race this Sunday. We will keep you posted.

Rosso Fork

In addition to the stupidity of people violating the rec lane rule, what’s with the asshat getting DQ’d for tossing a bottle during the race? Are people really that concerned with the weight of a bottle holding them back on the epic climbs of Central Park?

Gaetan Crank

When you ride a Scott frame on Lupus but you weight 190, every gram counts when the vitamins no longer work.


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Dieter Drake
Race Director – 2014 Tour of the Catskills

Ernesto Saddlesore

did you see that the CRCA President himself was DQ’d for a reclane violation at mengoni????


I think the crash in the 1/2 in lap 1 had to do with that little gutter that holds the horse shit. At 1 to go the 1/2 field hit every single cone in the rec lane. DQs are just a part of NYC racing. Get used to them. I was DQ’d, but still enjoyed the race.


So Froomestrong has been narrowed down to five people.

Here’s a newsflash…you were DQed because you rode like an asshole and did something that endangers the ability to hold park races. Go fuck yourself.

Loic Dropout

Ok, who was involved in the M4 neutralized pileup? Be honest, raise your hands. It was hilarious to watch happen, so thanks for that.


Wow, look at all the 50+ woman with some fine results.

I know these folds, I didn’t even know most of these gals were of that age group. Keep it up!!!

Everyone is Pro

This cat 4 crash should never happen ever, ever, ever. Guys on the back of peloton hearing the pace motorbike coming through shout “neutral, move to the right” that’s great, but the cat 4 pace motor bike needs to gently bring the head of the race to a slow speed and instruct the racers to move to the right. Instead the cat 4 pace moto continues to roll, for a good half a mile, then apparently comes to an abrupt stop.
I would think radios between pace motos is the way to go, is the cost prohibitive?
Also, the motos have to control this neutralization early. some racers want to do the right thing, that is, slow and move to right, but they are afraid of losing position as others advance and their perceived expense, and this feeds the frenzy

Jisz Loarde

DQ ing and changing results the day after is some Grade F BULLSHIT.
What are you going to do, ask for their prize money back or send everyone else an extra $10 ?

Simone Tubie

Yeah, it is totally someone else’s fault. Always is. “Worried about maintaining positio”. Haha. So you were neutralized with 1k to go. Sure guy.

Simone Tubie

Yeah, it is totally someone else’s fault. Always is. “Worried about maintaining positio”. Haha. So you were neutralized with 1k to go. Sure guy.

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