Supercross Drone

Cross drone attacks again

Warm, windless, great course, perfect conditions for the terrifying act of navigating a quadcopter around a bunch of bike racers. Also, the first video is actually the men’s 234 and elite women, but I’m not fixing it and reloading it.

Supercross ’14 Masters and Elite Women from Andy Shen on Vimeo.


Supercross ’14 Elite Men from Andy Shen on Vimeo.


Jasper Butyl

I’d rather no announcer, TBH. I think he has 50 words in his vocabulary and 3 of them are “good job bro.”

West Coat Reader

Cool drone footage, but where was the cyclocross race? Not one fall or crash? Maybe its still early in the season.

Verrochio Supple

I like the aerial stuff..

If you have raced cross – you know the events to be hectic and high energy. It seems hard to translate that to the aerial footage. When they fly high up it can get lost in translation – Couple that with some goofy low energy music, and it starts to become difficult to watch.

My personal opinion/advice, and I know no one asked or cares, is that the operators should fly as low as feasible, utilize more of a zoom lens, and either use the natural sounds of the race, or music that suits a high energy event.

I appreciate the coverage that races are getting though with the new accessibility of the quad copters, I’ve shown a few videos to friends and family that don’t race, and often result in the same sentiments expressed above. That’s my .02 if its even worth that.

I appreciate the product being produced by all the quad copter operators. I understand they are doing this out of love for hobby and personal enjoyment.

*disclaimer I only watched/shared with friends the mens video.

Goro Rear Entry

I can see that you really dug deep into your suitcase of courage to come up with these fantastic aerial shots. I’m very impressed that you didn’t catch a branch when flying through the trees. I think that the UCI seriously needs to look into integrating some drone shots to their World Cup races actually. Btw, can you include music credits next time?

Benjamin Neck

I’ll start with the bad, I didn’t like the music either. That’s just me. The rest is all good. Flying a drone is much harder than the average person thinks it is. Just flying the drone carefully is hard. flying and trying to get the shot at the same time is doubly difficult. That you can actually follow riders and keep them in the shot is impressive. Keep up the good work.

Andy Shen

The ideal would be to cut together regular and quad video for a better representation, maybe that’ll happen someday. The whole point of shooting with a quad is to be able to track at high speeds and get up. If you want to shoot up close then just shoot from the ground. I am very close at certain points but given how dangerous quads are (google quadcopter injury) and the fact that no one consented to this this is as close as I’m getting. The unique thing about quads is that a single shot can be from 5′ away to 100′ in the air.

I’m amazed that I’m able to be civil after you called Leonard Cohen and Sonny Rollins goofy.

Martin Chainsuck

Phenomenal footage and I enjoyed the music too. Thanks to people like Andy who make an event special. Thanks to all the volunteers for contributing their time.

John T.

Verrochio Supple


thanks for the video, really. Its easy to critique from this side of the keyboard. Keep up the footage.

Rinieri Downtube

Whoever is passing the announcing booth, that’s who. You’re all awesome. Catch that guy in front of you Steve. Good job Steve, you caught him, keep going bro.

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