Grant’s ’12 Cat 3

Speed Well


Schiatuzzo Locknut

Foundation – 2012 is a big step back from 2011, which was sharp and distinctive. 2012 kit is noisy.

Houlihan/Cyclelife/Sanchez – Whatever they are called, new kit is milktoast.

BH-Comedy Central – Improvement on both Comedy Central and BH-LG kit. Nice work Dan. Probably wins for best looking local kit, though WS United non-neo versions are right up there along with the iconic Mengoni kits.

FGX – Just awful. Someone please tell me something went wrong with the actual printing of the kit, plese.

AXA-Stans – Not much change but that camo has got to go.

Champion Systems-Stans – Like the clean simple look. Someone needs to have a talk with Olson about his helmets though.

Setanta – In theory not bad, but either every single guy on the team has gained 20 pounds or the kit is decidedly not slimming.

Six Cycle – Looks like some of my infant daughters footy pajamas.

Arc Racing – This is what happens when no thought or effort goes into a kit.

Echelon Matteucci – Super Mario couldn’t make that kit look good.

Dave Jordan – I want to like it but it just comes across as drab.

Blue Ribbon – Time for an update boys.

Sids – Look is dialed, don’t go recreating the wheel anytime soon (particularly after defeating Dave Jordan for NYC orange domination).

Mengoni – Love the kits, hate what has become of the team.

Wonder Wheel – Tough concepts to make work, but ugly is ugly.

Scottos – Good, but the pre-red blue/white Luzzo kit was better – indeed one of the sharpest.

Who did I miss?

Quentin Internal Routing

Kissena kit. New York City flag colors. Designed by over caffeinated Kinko’s employee circa 1972. May have been inspired by the band Kiss (or vice versa).

Schiatuzzo Locknut

Rapha – Epic, obviously . . not. Team members and sponsor to busy curating facial hair to worry about designing a kit.

Siggis – Is that swedish for “unattached”?. Same basic kit for 5+ years and the sheer volume of riders has made Siggis the new “unattached.” Nothing funnier than seeing the “C” field for a CRCA race made up 90% of Siggis.

Die Hard – I would put a checkerboard on my kit too if I had Ricy Lowe winning races for me.

Gotham/Toga – I say this every year (or at least last year) – time to bring back the “Toga” kit from the glory days.

Speedwell – Kit design conversation went something like this, “Hi, Champion Systems, we want it to be red and say speedwell, bye.”

Fouriclasse – I said this last year but I swear that color combination gets them discount pricing. Can there be another explanation?

Samuel Dry Lube

Nice kits Foundation. Always the haters never have anything good to say. Before you talk look at your self first.

Milan Crank

that was an honest statement. I’m not a hater but your kits are consistently ugly. Ugly enough to me to be a deterrent in ever considering joining your program. Try new colors, lose those fucking stripes, and be well.

Martin Grips

Foundation kits are like Joan Rivers: they get slightly refreshed every year, but remain pretty heinous in general.

Ilias O-Ring

What team do you ride for?
6 Cycles/Champion/Mick Brauer…independently, the kits are not bad. Once they are all in the peloton…they all blend in. NYVC’s look is old, but that’s the point..”Tradition”…

I bet you race wearing a radio shack kit.

Alwin Den

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