Tour of the Battenkill

Now open!!

1/5 Update



A new Category 4 field has been added to the event – “Cat 4 – White.” All
current Cat 4 wait-listed racers are now eligible to race should you decide
to do so.

You must register in the “Special Registration” category by Sunday, January
11 at 7 PM, after which time your spot will be forfeited.

Only current Cat 4 wait listed racers will be accepted (the wait list is now
closed). If you are currently on this wait list and do not wish to accept a
spot in this race, then please notify me immediately. There will be
approximately 50 more spots available once all Cat 4 wait-listed racers are
placed into the race.

Once the Category 4 fields are full, they will be split into 3 separate
races based on team affiliation: Red, Black, White. Please note the start
times for each as you may be placed in any of them.


Tour of the Battenkill
April 18-10, 2009
Camridge, NY



Hi Folks,

Just a reminder that registration for the 2009 Tour of the Battenkill opens online at 7 PM this Sunday, 12/21, at

Please distribute to your club members. There is no mail-in registration. I expect most categories to rapidly fill to capacity (125 for most fields). The two cat 4 fields filled in less than 15 minutes last year, for example. I always reserve a very limited number of spots in most categories for local & regional riders who miss out, but please don’t count on these. Wait lists will be available.

A full weekend of racing is planned for this year: 17 fields for Pro/Am Saturday, April 18, and a Cyclo-Sportif & Men’s Professional Invitational Race on Sunday, April 19 featuring most of the US and Canadian Continental Professional teams. All important details can or will be found at

Many thanks,

Dieter Drake
Race Promoter
Tour of the Battenkill



Stop complaining, gas will be $.50 a gallon in April and NY tourism will be so dead the hotels will be even cheaper than last year. Suck it up and register, you’re going to anyway, ya pud.



Will there be increased services or closed roads or anything? Its just that $50 X 1,300 riders = 65k that buys a lot of rent-a-cops.

You just want to announce “free cabot cheese” with every rider or something.


Hi Folks,

Good questions – the short answer is that the race will continue for a few more years at this rate, at least, and won’t go under; it’s lost money overall every year. I had decided back in June that I wasn’t going to do it again after losing a bundle in April. But, I’m certifiably nuts, so what the heck. Most of my year is invested in getting this race right, making it better, etc. Chances are that all the fields will fill pretty quickly, so the $20 add will never be in effect. There’s a better chance that I’ll get rid of that anyway.

I am ALWAYS looking for stuff to buy/get-for-free and give away to riders. Expect lots of cheese, coffee, Udder Cream, HammerGel, cheesecake and whatever else I can get by race day. Send requests and I’ll try & make it happen!

The longer answer involves a turndown in the economy and a near zero response from sponsors this year. If anyone can round up a significant sponsor before Sunday to help fund the Pro/Am race, then I’ll drop the rate in a flash.

Also consider the fact that this race is like no other: 200 volunteers, single loop, about 20 municipalities and government agencies to please, 4 police departments including about a dozen dedicated NYS Police cars this year & last, passes through villages, neutral support for many fields, some closed roads, etc. All this in a place with a population of about 5000 within a 15 mile radius.

The one thing I really worry about is the impact of the rate increase on other races in the region who do a third as much as this one.

Bring a volunteer and race for free.



Sponsors are really daft if they’re not considering this race. You have a captive audience of 1000+ cyclists who have sufficient disposable income to afford bikes, afford gas, afford cars, and pony up $45. I’d estimate that the average cyclist drops at least $1,000 a year on their hobby (and many a ton more), not to mention what they’ll spend that weekend (maybe another $200 minimum)? Don’t sponsors want a piece of that $1.2M (or more like $2M?) A local restaurant could easily see a tenfold return on their investment with a wise sponsorship.

Something doesn’t make sense … or road cycling is pretty effing doomed. I think $45 is perfectly reasonable for an event of this magnitude. How can a premier event on the east coast … that registers 500 racers in 20 minutes … be such a losing proposition? Plus, you have a passionate promoter. What gives?

john c


Confirmed. September 19-20.

‘Looking at picking up the Kasterskill, Normanskill, and Manorkill too.



The week in between is Nancy Morgenstern Fall Bear.
Not exactly a break but it fits in well between 2 stage races to
make Sept a really big racing month and a great way to end the season.
If people prepare for it, it will be bigger than the April/May races.


4s – I dont know many 4s but I will go with Matt Richards, Shane Moran as strong climbers. Likely it will be a strong sprinter who can get over the hills with the front group of 10-20 guys. Only about 10 guys in the 4s have a shot at winning.

3s – You heard it first – Jon Warchol is back this year and will be a big favorite in the 3s. Dude can climb and sprint with the best of them. Was 2nd in 07 in the 4s behind Riseth (lost in a sprint). Other favs – Bernstein 9guys trains up there and climbs prob best of all 3s in the race), Cutler, Chabanov, Landino, Odonnell, Slokar and Joe Straub. Once again WWV and Adler have guys who could all place so they will dictate the race. Last year Goldman attacked, and from there they just kept hitting the pack setting up the winning break and also taking the bunch sprint for 2nd. Oh and Exodus boys have upgraded to the 2s so no Taukest and Pignatello – those guys can sprint and climb!


No Peppo in that prediction? He would have won the 4s last year but blew out his Zipp on the final dirt section. The dude bridged up, passing the wheel truck and caught the chase group with minutes to spare before the sprint. Awesome.


I heard Peppo sealed off his apartment and pumps in medical grade O2 to simulate a 15,000 ft atmosphere. He also rides the rollers tripping on mesculin totally naked, while blindfolded, listening to Norwegian metal. That dude is out for blood this spring.


You answered your own question. That was the 4s. 3s are much deeper and there are guys who can climb and sprint better than him. He will be up there but I dont see him winning in a break and definitely not a bunch sprint.

I think he will be top 20 though.


Did not race much. Not sure why but he is a strong mofo and will be a guy to watch. Ex Cross Country runner…


Some Smokies:


Stefan Kusurelis – Not a great climber, but has the engine to make massive time on the flats. If he is allowed to make one of his patented time trial efforts after the major climbs could be a threat, see performances at Tour of the Catskills, Jamestown classic. Won both in solo breakaways.

Sergio Atocha – Has been working like crazy on his climbing over the break, if he has support and can make it to the finish with the front group has a great chance. 2nd part of last season was soft, but he is young and will have grown more as a cyclist than most.

Neil Bezdek – Is waitlisted and has question marks over climbing but could offer a real sight if he makes it in and can remain in the lead group. Has great fitness and would rip the legs of the pure climbers in a pack finish.


James Stevens – 2nd at Tour of the Catskills and top 15ish at Green Mountain. Has been thereabouts in several of the larger races but probably doesnt have the pure climbing ability if thats what it comes down to.

Michael Beckerman – Now training with Roger Aspholm. Word is he is targeting Battenkill. Generally considered a Time Trialist, but showed some good form at Green Mountain, with two break away efforts sacrificing himself for Matt Richards.

Alvin Poblacion – See above, doesnt have the horsepower of Beckerman, but probably a better climber. Disregard performance at Green Mountain – burnt out. A theme of Battenkill – several people may come out of Matt Richards shadow after NYVelocity’s shaking out.

The Sage of Harlem Hill


Will likely repeat his performance at Capitol Region and destroy the field. Prediction – solo breakaway victory. If not, it will be a fast race to the finish. Most of the “predictions” will not make the final selection.


Tony Slokar once had sex with a cigarette machine.

He jogged with a fridge on his back!

The Pope told him it was ok to have a mistress.

We once had a bachelor party for Slokar. He ate the entire cake before we could tell him there was a stripper in it.

He once breast-fed a flamingo back to health.



3s … some guy you haven’t heard of, who keeps a low profile, who hasn’t discovered procrastinating and shit talking on NYVelocity yet, and who is naturally gifted and on his way to being a 2.

4s … same story.


Will Win…. Oh and Atocha climbs like a 5’1 300lber. No shot at all… It will be a strong all arounder who makes it fresh to the finish and does not stick his nose in the front all race. That or Odonnell will TT off the front and stick it.


great but come June half these guys will be only racing PP and CP. Would love to see this kind of turn out for the other great regional races that are just as challenging and much closer to the Metro area (Capital Region, Unionvale, Tour of Catskills, Whiteface RR – a bit far but very nice race, Tokeneke, Jiminy Peak etc). The only reason this race does so well is because its the first big one of the year. The course is tough but nothing harder than the other big ones and less guys are in shape. As far as climbing its not that tough its just early in the season and the climbs are steep. By August most of these guys will be done.


Has your daughter considered getting a coach? A structured regimen of potato sack intervals plus a dedicated snack routine will do her a world of good.



-adler, peppo/slokar and that other guy in the 3s
-gotham, atocha. james stevens top 15 in the 4s
-o’donnell is gonna be ~25 or so.


Atocha is a 3 – no shot of a top 15 at battenkill. He will be off the back halfway through. Last year WWV went 1-2. I think it will be similar this year. Some very strong 3s though. about 25 guys can win this.




Cambridge, NY – Organizers of the 2009 Tour of the Battenkill ( announce the signing of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as a Presenting Sponsor for the 2009 event in Cambridge, NY. Long a major supporter of competitive cycling in America, AMD’s participation in 2009 is a vote of confidence for the event and for the sport. The Tour of the Battenkill has expanded to a 2-day event on April 18-19, featuring a Pro/Am Saturday and a Professional Invitational on Sunday.

“AMD coming on board is huge”, said race promoter Dieter Drake of Cambridge. “This goes a long way toward making the event a success and also toward firmly establishing AMD in Upstate, NY. With the recommendation from Senator Schumer, we were able to agree to go forward in 2009 and make it happen.”

The Tour of the Battenkill is the largest cycling race in the USA with more than 1500 racers expected for the Pro/Am on Saturday, April 18. Pro/Am registration opened online on Sunday and already nearly 1200 racers have registered. The Sunday, April 19 Pro Invitational will feature many of the best professional teams from throughout North America.


Congrats Dieter!

AMD made a smart choice. And the story is all the more interesting as they’re actually going to be employing folks from upstate at their new facility. Better than some sponsor dropping the change, setting up a tent, and calling it a day.

Our state tax dollars at work! ($1B in incentives is pretty sweet).

John C.


Recon Ride
Jan. 18
10:30 AM @ Cambridge Hotel
Broad St.
(every 3rd Sun. each month)
All rides weather-permitting


I can’t believe there are 3 and 4 picks. How about the 40+. There are 25 guys in that field who could win the 3 or the 4 with a 5 minute handicap.

As for the “will be burned out by August” comments: I hope to burned out by mid July. That gives me 6 weeks of beach time while you suckers are sweating your nads off on lonely country roads.

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