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The concept for this page is simple, we will let you know whether the race will be happening. Charlie will text us if the status changes, and then we will post the change on this page in the comments section. This should go without saying but, DO NOT TRUST A POSTING FROM ANYONE EXCEPT A SIGNED IN MEMBER OF THE NYVC STAFF, i.e. myself, Andy, Aaron or Alex. FBF is a blood sport and I’m sure that some teams would even stoop to trickery in order to keep their competition at home, so check the log in names.




Feel free to contribute a more accurate phrase, unlike say, just making a jerky comment.

Recco Drainhole

Hello All –
Any help with the following would be greatly appreciated:

From midtown Manhattan on the east side, what’s the best driving route to FBF for someone who can’t skip out of work until 5:00-5:30pm?

Baldo Ziptie

FDR South – Battery Prrk Tunnel – under the Verazzano and keep going. Traffic will be nasty any which way.


I do battery park tunnel also, you get on the belt and pray that the traffic is sparse.

Larry Hanger

12:22, leaving midtown by 5:15-5:30 is more than enough time to bike there. Why drive?

brian g

and ride out, greenway to Bklyn Bridge to Flathbush to Race Domination…Reverse and repeat….

Yanis Torque

If I coming from Philadelphia, PA, should I take I-95 or the GSP? When should I leave?

Robbe Brakepad

Is there a Twitter page for Charlie or Kissena or the FBF series that he posts status?

brian g

at about 4:45 and that gives me plenty of time to cross two bodies of water, navigate the streets of lower Manhattan and take my life into my hands on Flatbush Ave.

If anyone sees a smushed Kingpin rider that’ll be me.

lorenzo rivnut

I agree, why drive? Thanks to the traffic on the Belt, you can get there just as fast, if not faster, by biking. Brian, you need not take your life into your hands on Flatbush. There are ways around Flatbush. I’ll try to dig up the directions for you.

Mathias Clamp

Thunder in Brooklyn! Charlie has bad weather luck. Time to sacrifice a Cat 5. in a volcano!!!!

Florian Compliant

Go right on Ocean Avenue after you come down Flatbush between P Park and the Botanic Garden. Go way down Ocean, then left on Avenues S, R or T to Gerritsen. Right on Gerritsen to Ave. U. Left on U takes you back to Flatbush at King’s Plaza. If you look at a map there are a couple more zigs and zags from U to Flatbush if you want to avoid a couple more blocks of Flatbush.

wish wash

now i really can’t decide what to do. ride the 15 miles there and risk the downpour or skip and risk being pissed if/when nothing happens.

Jacopo Setscrew

be a man, go drinking instead. you’ll feel better, and support the economy to boot. win-win.

Charlie I.

Kissena Tuesday Night Race Series
May 4, 2010
Brooklyn, NY

Pro/1-2-3 presented by Lucarelli & Castaldi and Cannondale
28 miles
33 starters

1. Giancarlo Bianchi (GS Mengoni) 1:02:00
2. Paul Burrowes (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching – Zephyr Graffiti) 1:02:05
3. Jared Bunde (GS Mengoni) s.t.
4. Robert Lattanzi (Westwood Velo) s.t.
5. Wilson Vasquez (GS Mengoni) 1:02:10

Sprint # 1 Presented by Williams Cycling

1. Jared Bunde (GS Mengoni)
2. Giancarlo Bianchi (GS Mengoni)
3. Wilson Vasquez (GS Mengoni)

Sprint # 2 Presented by Williams Cycling

1. Jared Bunde (GS Mengoni)
2. Alexander Bremer (MetLife p/b groSolar)
3. Giancarlo Bianchi (GS Mengoni)

Category 3-4- presented by Lucarelli & Castaldi and Cannondale
23 miles
56 starters

1. Chirs Castaldi (Deno’s Wonder Wheel) 0:53:10
2. Robert Lombardi (BVF) s.t.
3. Dan Schmalz (CRCA/BH/Garneau) s.t.
4. Anthony Maisto (Deno’s Wonder Wheel) s.t.
5. Zak Abdullah (CRCA/FGX Racing) s.t.

Sprint # 1 Presented by Williams Cycling

1. Sean Smith (Champion System)
2. Bernard Moprey (Breyer Milk Management)
3. Daniel McMahon (Kissena)

Sprint # 2 Presented by Williams Cycling

1. Daniel McMahon (Kissena)
2. Zak Abdullah (CRCA/FGX Racing)
3. Thomas Luzio (Deno’s Wonder Wheel)

Category 3-4- presented by Lucarelli & Castaldi
12 miles
16 starters

1. Graham Macbeth (Unatt) 0:29:05
2. Kevin Schmitt (Kissena) s.t.
3. Matthew Wilpers (CRCA/Sids) 0:30:08
4. Frederick Grimm (Unatt) 0:30:43
5. Morris Lincer (Unatt) 0:30:51

Thanks to all the officials, marshals, pacers and registration volunteers who help make these races a success!

Charlie Issendorf
Race Director
Kissena Cycling Club

Salvestro Polished

first, the gulf of mexico oil spill
then, the bomber in times square
now, a placing for schmalz!

hell has frozen over, indeed

congratulations, schmalz! all that weight control over winter has finally paid off

Charlie I.

Save Your FBF Numbers!!!

I forgot to make the announcemnet last night that you use the SAME NUMBER EVERY WEEK at FBF so save your number from last night! Your number says “Floyd Bennett” on it to make it even easier for you. Using the same number every week makes resgistration go a lot faster for you and us.

Thanks guys!

Charlie Issendorf
Race Director
Kissena Cycling Club

Mexico! dont bring the peloton!

1J2. It is the rider‟s responsibility to enter a race in the proper class and category [disqualification and 30 day suspension for competing in the wrong class or category]. The fact that the registrars accepted the incorrect entry will not be taken as an excuse

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