schmalz FBF 6/5/2012

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My usual routine for Tuesday races at FBF goes as follows: load up car, pick up sweaty Romanian-American on the West Side Highway, arrive at FBF, ride multiple laps, sweat, curse a bit, wipe off grime, go home with a sweaty Romanian-American and wake up to write about 1,000 words about a race that took 55 minutes. It’s a fairly ridiculous routine, but it’s one I’ve become comfortable with. I am a person who enjoys routine to a certain extent. My coffee maker goes off automatically every morning, I go to sleep at the same time most evenings and they set the Shepard Gate Clock by my bowel movements (except those affected by Mexican food). As odd as they are, my routines are a source of comfort and security.

Last night everything was going to my Tuesday night routine, I had transported my sweaty Romanian-American life coach to the racecourse, and we started the race in last night’s moist and puddle-y conditions. There wasn’t a puff of wind to be found and the promise of bonus point for the finish made for an unusually large pack for a rainy night. This was a night for the sprinters, but of course, that does not mean we do not try, because as herds of compensated coaches will tell you, it’s all about the effort (and as a reminder, this month’s payment is late).

Early in the race, I began my plan of jumping away for about 15 times, in order to test my frustration tolerance and soften the big bunch of racers assembled for the evening. We went through the first green jersey sprint and things were forming up for a classic field sprint.

Then all the air escaped from my rear tire.

I hate getting flats.

Mihael won in a field sprint. That’s all I have to say.



My Quarq powermeter throws off garbage numbers when it gets wet. The real average should have been more like 250w.

Penman phil

Mike send it back to quarq, had same problem last year, would be riding and as soon as rain came i would be doing 1000 watts on flatbwith 3000 watt sprints, however i was now world class in every single training peaks category.

Sent mine back and they fixed it, i am now. Back to untrained in every category, they should fix for free as was common problem

Rim Strip

I had some high, but not obviously high Quarq Power Data from the FBF race last Thursday – May 31. Anyone have Powertap file you can send me from the race for me to cross check? tx.

Rim Strip

Beckerman’s Strava data shows he did 500W for over an hour in the 1-2-3 race. Is that correct? Lotta watts.

Mathieu Steerer

not the only flat out there. many riders had to call it a day. an already crappy race surface further worsened by whatever that construction work is leaving crap all over the course. gotta love the timing of that work.


I hit 50-100-150 watts when I turned on the living room light this morning.

Am drained for the day. Must nap now.

Gaetan Brazeon

yeah that’s correct. there’s a NY cat-whatever who can do Armstrong-circa-’02 watts.

Dino Hammer

@Rim Strip. If it’s Strava’s estimated wattage, it doesn’t account for riding in a pack. It looks at your time over a certain distance and calculates how much wattage it would take to achieve that time/speed if you were riding in the wind the entire time solo. Hence the often killer wattages you see from races.

Rim Strip

If the wattage on Strava has a little lightening bolt next to it then its supposed to be actual powermeter data.

Wheelie Ferrule

Wheelie has to keep this one short. I’m down at the ConEd plant. They have me hooked up the urban grid on my rollers and I’m powering electricity for the city from 9am to 6pm mon – fridays. Double’s as work and riding. Gittin’ $paid$ to train and providing electricity to the masses.

Cheers ya’ll!


Mathieu Steerer, the cause of the flats last night was not due to the construction work, it was from the wet course. Wet pavement substantially increases your likelihood of flats.

Nanni Setscrew

I gotta gotta getta Garmin, I’m riding in Central Park and all I seem to be doing is going in circles.

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