schmalz CRCA race and FBF

99 problems

 CRCA masters 40+ Championship

There were a lot of attacks in this race, and then the right mix got away and stayed away. We were not represented in the break and the break worked hard. I shall not be the CRCA king of the masters for yet another year.

FBF 3/4ths race

After the tumult of the FBF race two weeks ago, I was not sure what to expect at Tuesday night’s race. I picked up Mihael and we drove out to FBF under threatening skies. I was not in the mood to race on the rain. Mihael and I even discussed a burrito man date alternative if the race were to be cancelled, but our man plans were out on hold because FBF was repelling precipitation on Tuesday.  

The yellow jersey had changed hands from Sam F to his teammate Jesus, who is also a very strong rider and not as sprint focused as Sam is. There wasn’t a strong wind, so that decreased the chances of a break happening, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try, because bike racing.

Teammate Aaron and I toed the line together, and the basic plan was to trade attacks and see what would happen. The race started and that’s what we did. We attacked. Like 99 times. Jesus didn’t have as many teammates as on Tuesdays past (probably due to the threat of rain), so that meant it was up to him to chase us down. Which he did. All 99 times. The race was an old fashioned punch out, with Aaron and I taking our swings, and Jesus getting up each time.

It was delightful.

We traded hits until the bell, when the whole group was still together. I got on Jesus’s wheel to see where the sprint would take us, but as we hit turn one, I heard the unmistakeable "psst" of a tire ruining someone’s night. Unfortunately, it ruined Jesus’s night. Which is too bad, because getting a mechanical is a bummer.

I got over any harshed feelings and set about positioning myself for the finish. I put myself in fifth position and resolved to stay there until it was time. I took a survey of my surroundings and noted that James J was also nearby, as being near the front is good. I can beat James in a sprint in the right circumstances, such as when I am 1,000 meters ahead when the sprint starts. I was not in this position. I needed to get some room, because James is super fast, and mayhem follows wherever he goes. I wanted to end the night not dead, and things took a hopeful turn when teammate Aaron attacked at turn three.

Baris and another racer jumped up to him, I followed and we had a gap. Aaron started to slow and the other two racers came around him. We had a gap on the field behind, and at the corner, I began thinking about when I was going to jump.

That decision was made for me when Baris jumped. I got up and tried to hold his wheel, but he was slowly pulling away from me. As the line approached, I was hoping to at least get second, but James and those courageous enough to follow him blew past. I ended up fifth, as my sprint was spent after 99 attacks, but I’d rather attack 99 times than sprint only once any time.


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