Spotlight on a local racer: Mike Boardman


Name: Michael Boardman
Category: Cat 1
Race Age: 41
Current Team: CRCA/Rockstar Games
Day Job: Behavior Analyst

How did you get into cycling: I guess I needed a bit of a life-style change. I moved in with my parents one summer in my early 20s and knew I needed to take better care of myself so I started running. That lasted about 3 days. I then borrowed by dad’s bike and ended up riding 20+ miles on my first ride. I loved that I could go that far and see so much in such a short period of time. I rode everyday that summer and continued doing so when I moved back to NYC. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing now if I hadn’t started riding. Thank you bicycle!

How did you get into racing: In my 20s and early 30s I was completely obsessed with riding. I would ride 300 miles per week every week. If there was a week where I couldn’t fit in the 300, I would make up the difference the following week. I wasn’t training for anything at all, I just felt this need to ride, which, I know, sounds super weird, but whatever. That’s what I did and never with friends, always alone.

In 2007, 11 years after I started riding, I was doing circles in CP and some guy with no helmet and in racing kit was on my wheel up and down Harlem Hill. As we started up the first of the 3 sisters, I felt his hand on my ass/saddle as he pushed me ahead to maintain the pace. Having never raced or ridden with a group before, I was like, “dude, get your hand off my ass” and slapped his hand. I guess he assumed I was a bike racer ’cause he asked me to join his team which I did and have been racing ever since.

Favorite local course and why: FBF, no question! Racing Floyd is like playing Mad Max with your friends on bikes. It’s fast, fuckin’ dirty and wet, and full of strange obstacles (e.g., the hay truck in 2011, cadet shooting practice, remote control air planes, lakes) to make things interesting. If I knew I could convince everyone to wear feathers in their hair and leather chaps in place of kit, I would outfit the whole field. Horace, let’s discuss the deets.

Greatest achievement in racing: I’m gonna say my 12th Place in GC at Tour of the Catskills in 2012. I felt soooooo good on the last day up Airport road and managed to stay with the leaders to the finish. I even beat Tony Hall in an uphill sprint to the line, which, if he were still racing, I could never repeat.

Worst Memory of a race: GMSR 2013! I was in 3rd place on GC after the App Gap Stage and had to get through the Crit on stage 4 to maintain it. As the-worst-Crit-racer on the planet, I was not looking forward to the Burlington Crit at all! After the whistle went off, it took me like 20 seconds to clip in ’cause I was so nervous. By the time we hit turn 3 I went from first to last place. After 2 laps I was behind the split and pulled 8 laps later. I went from 3rd on GC to DNF.

Nowadays, my dream is to come to the Burlington Crit in the top 10 on GC in the Pro/1 field and tactfully opt out of stage 4, cause crits are for squares, and just drink some beers at turn 1 while my friends race around in circles.

Goals/Aspirations: I’ve been injured all year, soooo, just riding outside this summer would be sweet.

What is the most fun thing you’ve missed out on for a bike race: Prolly one more ‘merican IPA before bed. No, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever missed out on something for a bike race.



I think you’re the nicest, most swell guy out there. Keep on keepin’ on!

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