UCI, Verbruggen, McQuaid threaten Landis

Honor besmirched!

Update #2: Landis forwarded another email response, addressed to Rolf Ditesheim, Philippe Verbiest of the UCI, and Hein Verbruggen. See below:

Dear Mr Ditzensheim,

I hope something has not happened to you (!) I have been looking forward to getting to know you good. I have copied Mr. Verbeast at the UCI because a year ago he sent me a similar email asking for some kind of retraction. I don’t know what you want retractioned though(!!!).

And I am not living in Switzerland now though and maybe you have a colleague that you trust (and with his records!!!) that can represent me in my upcoming trial. If he can represent me for 500 Swiss Franks that would be GREAT (!!) because I am broke. (that would be 250 swiss franks up front!!!).

One other thing is I want to request that the trial be in Zurich in the summer because it is beautiful there but cold. If Zurich doesn’t work possibly San Diego(?????). I live here!!

Thank You!

This is a serious matter

Update: Check out Landis’ hilarious response to the UCI at the end of this cyclingnews article. (Yes, now we’re in a full mobius strip of linkage)

Today’s news has understandably infuriated Floyd Landis. To get a sense of the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the UCI, check out the letter below. Verbruggen, McQuaid, and the UCI are suing Landis for saying something that they’ve demonstrated to be absolutely true today. The German TV interview referenced within is here. For more perspective on Landis’ credibility regarding the UCI, check out what he says about them in the Kimmage interview, as well as the subsequent corroborating documents unearthed by Cyclocosm.






Lance Armstrong

HA ha, See my Bitch McQuaid does anything I tell him. For my next trick he will toss Verbuggen’s salad.

Romain Chainsuck

Many words are spelled differently in different countries, other examples might include meter vs metre, block vs bloque, or humor vs humour. We USA folks have degraded the “English” language into “American” because we really don’t speak “English” any more. Don’t start a chain with this about all the “non-English” speakers in this country now, language evolves over time and based on the circumstances of the culture using it.

George Chain Ring

Dear Mr. Landis,
We know you have no more money, so we are going to make your life hell until you take back what you said about us. You can’t afford to defend yourself and that is something we are prepared to take advantage of.

Botany Bay

Floyd, just take the letter that Hein sent to YOU during your Mercury pay dispute. Swap a few lines and send it back to them.

They aint gonna sue Floyd, as they’d never be willing to be cross examined or open the UCI’s (and their own) accounting books to legal scrutiny.


Amazing that the UCI bounced the Chicken for 2 years even without a positive test, yet a positive test with a half-assed explanation and political muscle behind you yields a complete pass. I really hope they press the suit against FL. Even with a so-so lawyer, it’ll get laughed out of court when they look at the UCI’s wildly contradictory behavior.

Matheo Polished

Helden der Landstrasse,

please do your webpublishing properly and REALLY delete that privacy-breaching document! (No, uploading and linking a new version with an easy-to-guess original URL is NOT very kind of you!)


I’m gaining more respect for Floyd as each day goes by. Clearly, the UCI is not clean. I’m glad Floyd has nothing to lose and is telling us how it is.

Gilles Drainhole

Nice to see all of you sycophants so eager to jump on the bandwagon of an admitted doper. Landis ruined his career, reputation and personal life doping, and when he got caught, wouldn’t man up and take the punishment.
Had he come clean in 2006, he might still be married, not reportedly insolvent, and maybe getting a second chance in Europe. It worked for Basso and Millar.
Only when his world completely collapsed did Landis again look to gain personally by filing whistleblower status in the ongoing DOJ inquiry into Armstrong.
The guy is all about himself.

Robbe Headbadge

Why do all you people believe a known doper and story teller??? Landis is just trying to worm his way out of a bad set of decisions he has made. Guess he figures he can lie his way out of this by makeing false accusations against everybody

Domenico Tank

am I the only one here that thinks that
reymond, ditesheim, hohenhauer, rouvinez, weissbrodt, rochat, and hussein
are going spend a lot of the next week opening emails and cleaning out their spam filters


Damien Bartape

Nice to see all of you sycophants so eager to jump on the bandwagon of an admitted doper.

This is a poor excuse. You should look into what happen to all the dopers that admitted and still haven’t returned to the peloton. Pharmador didn’t admit anything and he’s back.

Presence in the Pro peloton depends on how the rider ranks in the double-secret popularity contest they run at the UCI. Pharmador is the reigning queen of the contest with various Italians jockeying for the other positions in the Queen’s court. Brothers Schleck don’t qualify. Their father lost the popularity contest when he worked for Pat’s Dad.

Botany Bay

Peeps, all you need to do is go to Spokeo.com and enter the name you want. No matter how badly you don’t wanna be, you’re all totally findable.

Of course, they’re a but behind on Floyd. He’s up in Idyllwild now (not Murietta). But you can always call upon Amber. She’s probably single 😉

Matteo Dropout

…”let’s tilt at floyd landis’s windmill right as the spanish guys reveal their ‘el pistalero’ findings & maybe that’ll take a little bit of the sting out of their weak & ineffective ruling…

…”then we can sit back, waste another month or two & let the ‘court of popular opinion’ basically decide how deeply we pursue an effectual sanction through the ‘court of arbitration for sport'”…

…lance armstrong may only have one ball but he & contador are pretty much showing the world that pat mccaid, hein verbrugge & the uci have none…

…floyd, despite what people think of his past is showing some serious “sack” & i think it’s great…

…with love, bgw…

Lance is a fag

Landis is dead on about the UCI. All anyone has to do is look at how they handled Contador’s positive to see that they do, in fact, protect certain riders.

Dapper Dan

Does the word duh have any meaning to you?

It’s just business

There’s a scene in the movie, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” where John Goodman whacks George Clooney in the head shouting, “It’s all about the money, boys!” He takes the money, leaving him sprawling on the ground, dazed and penniless.


Contador being cleared by the Spanish federation is like…how can I put this…aha…

It is like a high school student getting nailed for cheating on an exam, and the teacher and principal turn the evidence over to his own parents for review. The parents do a full investigation and it turns out the kid didn’t cheat at all! Now of course the analogy works best if the parents themselves were serial cheaters.


I’m wondering if the UCI really wants to open up all of their records by bringing this court? Would that be a smart move for them to do?

Just a lot of bluster me thinks……

Galleazzo Cogset

Retractioned? Ugh. It’s disappointing to read such poorly written correspondence. Floyd is obviously trying to look smart. He frequently misuses words or, in this case, just made one up. Go back to school Floyd. I know you’re reading this. It’s “retracted” you’re looking for big guy.

Doobie Bro

Humanity suffers from your lack of a sense of humor.

An exercise:

Compare this letter with virtually everything else Floyd has written. Then try not to smile or laugh.

‘Can’t be done unless you’re Lance or anyone from the UCI.

Keano Cable

The old Floyd Landis would have told him to take a flying fuck!

I know I would!

Their honour. Fucking limey scum-bucket!

Keano Cable

The old Floyd Landis would have told him to take a flying fuck!

I know I would!

Their honour. Fucking limey scum-bucket!

Praying Landis

Laugh and mock all you want but Landis just may be the best thing that’s happened to pro cycling in decades.
(time till tell)
Either it will continue to move into the same atmosphere that wresting finds itself in today or it will FINALLY be a sport.
Which would you prefer?

Matteo Dropout

…so you’re pedantic enough to make note of “retractioned” yet you weren’t on the ball enough to catch “swiss franks”, huh ???…

…i’m also thinkin’ that’s not much of a sense of humor there, amico…

…btw, them “swiss franks” are somewhere between cocktail wieners & good ol’ ‘merican hot dogs…

…i think floyd threw a fastball with a lotta mustard on it…steee-rike, right across the plate…

…with balls, bgw…

Botany Bay

This whole farcical exchange is merely a diversion tactic to get the media to stop writing stories about the Contador “reversal”.

Want to make Kimmage forget about Alberto Contador for a day? Fire a shot over Floyd Landis’ bow.

Gabin Saddlesore

I wonder if they would actually sue Floyd? Seems like it would be a dumb move on their part. They would either have to sue him here in the USA or some how get him to go to Switzerland. If they sue in the USA, they will be opening up a huge can of worms. Now the question is are the lawyers really dumb enough to think that that letter would have any effect besides giving us a good laugh or if they were dumb enough to listen to their client who forced them to send that stupid letter?

Candy Stripper

It’s not about content with Lance Madoff or the UCI it’s ALL ABOUT THE SOUNDBITE. Greg LeMond got a letter from Hein (Paddy too?) threating to sue him too just because he said the uci was corrupt! All they do is threaten people and never follow through. They rely on people to not follow up and not pay attention, hence, the soundbite – which will eventually bite lance madoff in the ass!

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